Location, area and population

Lakshadweep- the tiniest Union Territory of India, is an archipelago consisting of

12 attols, 3 reefs and 6 newly formed/ submerged sand banks

Comprised of - 11 inhabited islands, 16 uninhabited islands, six newly formed/ submerged sand banks and 3 reefs.

The Inhabited islands are Kavaratti, Agatti, Bangaram, Amini, Kadmat, Kiltan, Chetlat, Bitra, Andrott, Kalpeni and Minicoy. Bitra is the smallest of all having only a population of 267 (Census 2001).

The Island of Bangaram has been enumerated during 1991 census operation and has a population of 61 persons (Census 1991)

These islands lie about 220 to 440 kilometers away from the coastal city of Kochi in Kerala between 8o and 12o 13’’ North Latitude and 71o and 74o East Longitude.

It is a single district Union Territory with an area of 32 Sq.km

ISLAND WISE AREA (In Sq.kms)    
2.20               Kalpeni  
            2.79   Kavaratti  
2.60             Kiltan  
          4.90   Chetlat  
4.22             Bangaram  


Despite its smallness in terms of geographical landmarks, Lakshadweep has total lagoon area of 4,200 Km2, Large Territorial Waters (about 20000 Sq.Kms) and Exclusive Economic Zone (about 4,00,000 Sq.Kms)

Erstwhile group of islands known as “Laccadive Aminidivi and Minicoy group of Islands” was formed into a Union Territory in 1956 and renamed as Lakshadweep in the year 1973.

Kavaratti is its capital (Headquarters).

Malayalam is spoken in all the islands except Minicoy where people speak Mahl which is written in Divehi script and is spoken in Maldives also.

The entire indigenous population because of their economic and social backwardness and geographical isolation has been classified as Scheduled Tribes. The tribes have, however not been named.

The islanders are Muslims by religion.


Early history of Lakshadweep is not clearly known. However, various travelers’ accounts, legends and report of the inspecting officers of the earlier colonizers like Dutch, Portuguese, British etc. reveals that the first settlement of these islands refers to the period of Cheraman Perumal, the last King of Kerala. It is also observed that these islands were originally ruled by Cheraman Perumal, Arakkal Beebi of Malabar Coast in Kerala, Tippu Sultan of Mysore and came under the British rule in 18th Century.

The Administrator of Lakshadweep is appointed under Article-239 of the Constitution by the President of India, and is the head of the Union Territory.

Lakshadweep is represented by a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha

Two- Tier Panchayati Raj system exist in these islands

1.10 indigenously inhabited islands have Dweep (Village) Panchayat each with a total of – 79 seats of members.

The members of the Dweep (Village) Panchayats are directly elected and Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Village (Dweep) Panchayat are elected with by its members.

2.The District Panchayat has its Headquarters at Kavaratti with a total of 22 +11 = 33 seats.

The members of the District Panchayats are directly elected. Member of Parliament and the Chairpersons of the Dweep Panchayat are ex-officio members of District Panchayat by virtue of their positions.

There is one President cum Chief Councilor and two Vice Presidents cum Councilors in the District Panchayat.


The Union Territory was divided in to four Tehsils controlled by Tehsildar until 1982-83. To bring the administration closer to the people all the inhabited islands along with their attached islands and islets, were divided in to nine Sub Divisions, Additional Sub- Divisions in 1983.


Administrator’s Secretariat and District Administration are functioning as compact units under a single file system.

Matters relating to the District Administration, law and order are under the purview of the Collector cum Development Commissioner who is also the District Magistrate.

The Developmental subjects were allotted among Collector cum Development Commissioner, Managing Director, Lakshadweep Development Corporation who are declared in the Ex-officio capacity as Secretaries of allotted Departments.


The population of the Territory:-     POPULATION - DECENNIAL GROWTH RATE
1951 census was 21035   35              
1961 census was 24108   25              
1971 census was 31810   20              
Value               % decadal
    15             variation
1981 census was 40249   10              
1991 census was 51707   0              
    1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001
2001 census was 60650.                  

During the decade 1991-2001the population has recorded a growth of 17.30 per cent


267 65
    K Chetlat
K   3
d   9  
  at ,  
Amini , 7353  

a r a v a K

icoy , 9495
Mi   1
    Andrott , 10727

, 7009



The Island of Andrott has maximum population of 10727 followed by Kavaratti 10119 (Census 2001)

The Sex ratio of the Union Territory is : 948 Female per 1000 Males.
The Literacy rate (excluding 0-6 age group) is :86.7%

The density, sex ratio of the Census 2001 population is as under


(In Nos)

Minicoy Kalpeni Andrott Agatti Kavaratti Amini Kadmat Kiltan Chetlat Bitra Bangaram
Male 4617 2278 5357 3633 5586 3737 2691 1844 1173 159 56
Female 4878 2043 5370 3376 4533 3616 2643 1825 1118 108 9
Population 9495 4321 10727 7009 10119 7353 5334 3669 2291 267 65
Population per Sq.Km 2173 1895 2216 2586 2788 2839 1710 2251 2203 2670 112

The Age Structure of population in 2001 Census reveals 34.2 percents of the population is in the age group of 0-14 year, 59.6 percent in the age group of 15-59 and 6.2 percent 60 years and above.

Highlights of Census of India – 2001, in reference to Lakshadweep:

Population of Lakshadweep increased by 337% since 1901.

Position of Lakshadweep in India, in

Population : 35th (Last, taking together all States and UTs)
Growth Rate : 29th
Density : 4th
Sex Ratio : 14th


Total Literacy : 3rd (After Kerala and Mizoram) Male Literacy : 2nd (After Kerala)

Female Literacy : 3rd (After Kerala and Mizoram)

  100         90.18
  90         80.47
  70     56.48 65.24    
    55.8     50.07  
age) 60        
      43.66 44.65  
(% 50        
40     30.56      
  20 10.98          
    1961   1971 1981 1991 2001
        Male Female Total  
Item Unit Particular
Location   Arabian Sea
Geographical situation    
Longitude   71o-74o East
Latitude   8o-12o-30’’ North
Islands Nos 36
Inhabited   11(2001 census)
Uninhabited   25
Total Geographical area Sq.km 32
Land use area Sq.km 26.89
Total Lagoon area Sq.km 4200
Territorial waters Sq.km 20000
Economic Zone Sq.km 400000
Name of Headquarter Island Island Kavaratti
Distance by Sea    
Kavaratti -- Calicut Km 346
Kavaratti -- Kochi Km 404
Kavaratti -- Mangalore Km 352
Population (2001 Census)   60650
Male   31131
Female   29519
Rural population (2001 Census)   33683
Male   17191
Female   16492
Urban population (2001 Census)   26967
Male   13940
Female   13027
Literacy percentage (Excluding 0- 6 years)   86.66
Male   92.53
Female   80.47
Percentage of workers to total population    


1. Total workers (Main workers Marginal      
workers 2001, Census)     25.32
Male     42.41
Female     7.28
II. Main workers (2001 Census)     19.31
Male     33.05
Female     4.82
III. Marginal workers     6.01
Male     9.37
Female     2.47
Percentage of ST Population      
to total population (2001 Census)     94.51
Male     91.91
Female     97.26
Density of population (2001 Census) per Sq.Km   2255
No of Female per 1000 Males     948
Climate (2003)      
Annual Rainfall MMs    
Minicoy Centre     1620.0
Amini Centre     1496.8
Temperature Centigrade Max. Min.
Minicoy   31.70 25.38
Amini   31.40 24.50
Administrative set up Nos.    
District     1
Tehsil     4
Sub-Division     9
C.D. Blocks     5
Lok Sabha seat     1
Police Stations     9
Police Outpost     1
District Panchayat     1
Village (Dweep) Panchayat     10

Funds required for the development of the territory is received from the Central Government as grant. Normally, all policies, strategies as decided by the Government of India are implemented in the U.T. of Lakshadweep.

Economic and Infrastructural Development in the Union Territories (Sector wise)

Sector Item Achievement
Agriculture & allied Cultivable Area 2598 hectare
Sector Main crop production Coconut
  Coconut Harvested 580 lakh nuts
  Central Poultry Farm 01
  Central Hatchery 01
  Regional Hatchery 01
  Hatchery Units 07


    Govt. Poultry farm       05
    Poultry Demonstration Unit     03
    Parent stock rearing unit     05
    Dairy Unit       02
    Bull/Buck Unit       09
    Veterinary Hospital     03
    Vet. Dispensary       06
    Vet. Sub Centre       07
    Fodder Unit       02
    Boyer Goat Unit       01
Social Forestry Economic Plantation during Xth Plan period 3.5ha
Industry   Coir Fiber Factories     07
    Fiber Curling Units     07
    Coir Production Centers     07
    DCP (Coir) Unit       01
    Coir Spinners Society     02
    Average Workers Employed Daily   180
    Small Scale Industries Units (Private)   504
    Industrial Co-operative Societies   04
Education   No. Of Educational Institutions     53
    Total No. of Teachers     964
    Total No. of Students     17104
    Dropout Rate in Elementary Schools   0.8%
    Boy-Girl Ratio In Schools     51:49
    Total Students Studying at Mainland   1800
Health   No. of hospitals       02
    No. of CHC       03
    No. of PHC       04
    No. of Sub Centers     14
    No. of beds       200
    No. of doctors       22
Banking   No. of Scheduled Banks      
    Syndicate Bank     9
    State Bank of India     1
Transport And Mainland And Island Passenger Ships   05
Communications Mainland/Island Passenger Cum Cargo 03
    Inter Island High Speed Ferries     02
    Road length       160 kms.
    Post Office/ Sub Post Office     09
    State Speed Post Centre     01
    Telegraph Office       09
    Telephone Exchange     10
    No of telephone connections     8865
    N.I.C. (State/District)     01
Power   Installed capacity       9898 KW
    Generation.       226.13 lakh units
    Per-capita Generation     370 KWH
    Connection       All house holds
            in all islands.


    Islands electrified   11
Panchayati Raj No. of District Panchayat (DP)   01
Institutions   No. Of Village Dweep Panchayat   10
    No. of members In DP   33
    No. of women ( in DP)   08
    No. of members In VDP   79
    No. of women ( in VDP)   30
    No. of Women Chairpersons in VDP   04
Civil Supplies And Fair Price Shops   35
Co-Operation   Storage Facilities Available    
    Under Government 2421MTs
    Under Cooperative Society 4252 MTs
    Co-operative Societies   55
    Membership 67116
    Share Capital (Rs. in lakhs)    
    Government 45.71 lakhs
    Others 30.03 lakhs
Fisheries   Fish landed ( in MTs) 11035 MTs
    Per-Capita availability of Fish 180 kgs.
    Fisherman Training Centre   01
    Boat Building Yard   02
    Workshops   11
    Percentage of population engaged in fishing   13%
    Mechanized Fishing Boats Issued   513
    Cold storages established   05
    Ice plant/ Tunnel Freezer   02
    Fishermen Cooperative Society   03
Tourism   Tourist Accommodation Facilities   178
    Foreign Tourist Arrival (sept.-march)   1412
    Indian Tourist Arrival (sept.-march) 12881
Social Welfare   No. of Anganwadis   74
    No. of Creches   14
    No. of Balawadis   10
    Total Disabled   1578
    Percentage of Disabled Population 2.8 %
    Self Help Groups   241
    No. of Libraries   09
Labour & No. of Employment Exchange   01
Employment   Candidates on live register 12079
    No. of I.T.I.   01
Law & Order   No. of Police Stations   09
    No. of Outposts   02
    No. of fire fighting stations   04
    No. of Wireless stations (control)   10
    No. of Courts-    
    District & Sessions Court   01
    Munsiff Court   02



Planned Development may be stated to have begun with effect from 1956, Lakshadweep became a Union Territory.

An integrated short-term plan was implemented in this U.T for the first time in the middle of the Second Five Year Plan. All through the Five Year Plans, a major thrust was given to build transport and communication facilities, health and education, cooperative movement to eliminate the middlemen who used to exploit the natives, supply of electricity, fisheries development and to create infrastructure for sustained economic development and generate employment opportunities to the locals in the various sectors of development. The Administration has been able to utilize the entire allocation provided during the Five Year Plans.

Isolated as they are from the mainland, these islands have inherent difficulties of transportation and communication. An overview of the development programmes of this U.T over the different plan periods will reveal that a lion’s share of the outlay was earmarked to meet the expenditure on creation of transport and communication facilities, followed by improvement of education, fisheries and health activities. Concerted and coordinated efforts of the Administration, coupled with the cooperation of the people have brought visible and spectacular changes in the overall scenario and economic status of the people.

As mentioned above, the plan process began in the islands only with the implementation of an integrated short-term development plan with an outlay of Rs.73.85 Lakhs. Actual expenditure incurred was only Rs.40.28 lakhs.

During the IIIrd Plan, a sizable outlay was spent to improve transport and communication, promote cooperative movement and development of fisheries and education. Against the outlay of Rs.98.38 lakhs, the expenditure recorded was 108.51 lakhs.

The emphasis during the IV th Five Year Plan was given for development of education and fisheries. Against the outlay of Rs.200 lakhs the actual expenditure achieved was 95% amounting to Rs.189.72 lakh. Besides the normal development plans of the territory, the Andaman and Lakshadweep Harbour Works also implemented major schemes of harbour facilities in the islands worth Rs.100 lakhs during this period.

A major portion of the outlay of the Vth Five Year Plan was earmarked for the planned development of important sectors like fisheries, education, Power, health, cooperation and housing. Against the outlay of Rs.622.73 lakhs, the Administration could spend only Rs.380.05 lakhs.

Agriculture sector got a boost during the Mid Term Plan (1978-80) by creating farmer-oriented programmes and providing financial assistance to create entrepreneurship development programmes. Against an outlay of Rs.543.64 lakhs the expenditure reported was Rs.307.50 lakhs.


From the VIth Plan onwards the emphasis has been to increase production of coconut by inter-crop cultivation and improve the fish catch by way of providing subsidy for boat construction and other accessories. A District Rural Development Agency was established during the period, which helped to provide economically viable production units to the target group. Roads were constructed. Electrification of the villages was taken up in a big way. Tourism activities were also promoted in selected islands. Employment Assurance Scheme was implemented through the DRDA. About 44% of the outlay was earmarked for the transport and communication sector. Against the outlay of Rs.2035 lakhs, the Administration spent Rs.2814 lakhs, which was 138 per cent of the approved outlay.

The VIIth Plan outlay was increased to Rs.4390 lakhs, more than double the VIth Plan allocation. The development process in the islands got an impetus with the visit of the Prime Minister, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. The constitution of the Island Development Authority (IDA) led to the acceleration of the development works. Special studies were conducted with reference to the availability of resources, ecology, environment, shore protection and transportation. During this period the old ships were replaced with new passenger ship, air service started operation, separate cargo ships were planned and larger fishing were put into operation A record expenditure of Rs.6753.98 was achieved during the period. A new era was opened in the field of communication when the Airport at Agatti, the westernmost island of the territory commissioned and Vayudoot service between Mainland and Agatti island was started on 15th April, 1988. Now the Indian Airlines is operating in this sector.

The VIIIth Plan maintained the same momentum and achieved envious progress in all fronts of development. Again the emphasis was on the exploitation of fishery resources, improving the facilities for education, expansion of tourism, installation of communication facilities and providing communication sets to the motorized sailing vessels and fishing boats, tapping of solar energy for supplementing power supply etc. Against the outlay of Rs.120 crores, the Administration could spend Rs.140.43 crores during this Plan period.

The IXth Five Year Plan allocations was Rs.270 crores. Here again the major thrust were in the transport sector, the lifeline of these islands as any breakdown in the system of transportation will put the clock back to the days of uncertainties and slowing down of the developmental process. Hence acquisition of three new passenger ships was planned, besides operating four cargo barges. Procurement of additional mechanized barges for cargo movement from ship to shore and vice versa was also targeted. Helicopter service for emergency evacuation of patients continued to be maintained since the VIth Plan. Improvement and construction of new tourist resorts in five islands was also planned. Fishermen cooperative societies were organized to facilitate large scale exploitation of the resources. Establishment of more desiccated coconut powder units was also aimed at. Establishment of production units to give value addition to the basic raw material available in plenty, namely coconut and fish was another objective.


The table below gives the details of outlays and expenditure during the plan periods over the years.

            (Rs. In lakhs)
      Outlay   Expenditure % to  
    Plan Period Approved   Per Actual Per Plan  
          Capita   Capita Outlay  
  1st Five Year Plan --   -- -- -- --    
  2nd Five Year Plan 73.85   314 40.28 17 55    
  3rd Five Year Plan 98.38   376 108.51 415 111    
  Annual Plans 156.14   535 116.87 400 75    
  4th Five Year Plan 200.00   613 189.72 581 95    
  5th Five Year Plan 622.73   1723 380.05 788 61    
  Mid Term Plan 543.64   1393 307.50 788 57    
  6th Five Year Plan 2035.00   7445 2814.11 6562 138    
  7th Five Year Plan 4390.00   9455 6753.98 14547 154    
  8th Five Year Plan 12000.00   20761 14043.03 24296 117    
  9th Five Year Plan 27000.00   44518 34148.55 56304 126    
  10th Five Year Plan 43700.00   65959 49500.00 74714 113    
    Outlay and expenditure up to the end of the 9th Five year Plan      
Lakhs 25000                
Rs. 15000                
  0       Plan        
  2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
          Plan Period      

Approved -- Actual --

In the Xth Plan, the impetus was for the development of transport followed by social services, energy and agriculture & allied activities.

Financial Performance during Xth Five Year Plan

The size of the Xth Five Commission at Rs.437.00 Crores.

Year Plan was approved by the Planning Later on, this had been revised in the Annual


Plans to keep pace with the rate of inflation. The details of outlays and expenditure over Annual Plans during the Tenth Five Year Plan are presented below:

Annual Plan Outlay Expenditure
2002-2003 9000.00 8812.10
2003-2004 7000.00 5584.07
2004-2005 7200.00 6619.65
2005-2006 8295.00 8274.00
2006-2007 20169.00 20169.00
Total 51664.00 49458.82

The 10th Plan (2002-2007) approved outlay was Rs.437.00 Crore whereas, the anticipated, expenditure during the Plan period by the end of 2006-2007 is Rs.495.00 Crore and anticipated revenue receipt is Rs.105.14 Crore.

Details Actuals Actuals Actuals Actuals B.E
2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
Expenditure 18062 178.49 182.33 190.00 217.05
Recoveries 32.45 25.33 26.69 24.92 32.00
Net 148.17 153.16 155.64 165.08 185.05
Revenue Receipt 18.10 22.30 21.80 18.84 24.10
BCR (Positive/ Surplus) -130.07 -130.86 -133.84 146.24 -160.95
Plan expenditure 88.12 55.84 66.20 82.74 201.69

From the above it is observed that this UT has shown negative BCR during the entire 10th Plan Period. This is mainly due to non imposition of any tax/ duties. No indirect taxation (sales tax, central excise duty, VAT etc.) has so far been introduced in this UT. All essential commodities except fish and coconut are transported from neighboring states. Hence there is no first sale.


            20169.00 20169.00 (Anticipated)
10000.00 9000.00 8812.10     8295.00 8274.00    
  7000.00 7200.00    
    2002-03   2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07  


The above table shows a substantial increase in the outlays of the Annual Plans over the originally approved outlay of Rs.437.00 crores, bringing the total Annual Plan outlay of 2002-2007 to Rs.515.00 Crores. These outlays have been fully utilized for the developmental programmes and welfare schemes during Xth Five Year Plan period.

Sectoral flow of fund

The priorities of the Xth Five Year Plan can be seen reflected in the sectoral allocation of outlays given to various sectors, which is presented in the following graph and also in the Statement at Annexure –I.















(Rs. in lakhs)

0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000








                      1 1
                  I E S  
          T I V          
I E                    
                  A L L
                R E    
          L T        
  G R I                
        8 .1
      .1 3
    T 1 CONTROL  
PM EN    
ELO     OD  
DEV FL O    
  AL &

E N E R G Y 12.59

Y &  
0. 97


Major Achievements of 10th Plan & Annual Plan 2006-07

The most important achievements of the Plan have been:

Establishment of Marine Police Force to check poaching and to provide security of the islands.

The shipping requirements for the Lakshadweep Administration for the period from 2000-2015 was examined by an expert committee constituted by Govt. of India under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary Shipping and the committee recommended acquisition of 18 new vessels of different types. Further 4 speed ferries were also sanctioned under PMGSY at a cost of Rs.9.29 crores. Total cost for acquisition of 4 vessels under PMGSY came to Rs.42.61 crores. The additional amount for acquisition of these vessels was met under State Plan Budget. Following are the major achievements during the X Plan period.

One 10 Ton Bullard Tug inducted into service during May 2006

One 15 passenger high speed ferry constructed at NGV Tech shipyard Malaysia and brought to India. Awaiting Class Approval from DG Shipping for taking delivery by Lakshadweep Administration.



Number (In thousand)

160000   159636    
147013     146451  
2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

One 10 Ton Bullard Tug inducted into service during May 2006

Orders placed for construction of the following vessels

Three 50 passenger high speed ferries at NGV Tech Malaysia expected to be delivered by Feb 2007

Three 150 passenger high speed ferries at Penguin Shipyard , Singapore expected to be delivered by Feb 2007

One 10 Ton bullard tug at Vipul shipyard, Surat expected to be delivered by April



One 700 passenger cum 160 MT cargo ship named as M.V.Kavaratti , under construction at HSL is expected to be delivered by May 2007.

Approval of EFC has been obtained during October 2006 for acquisition of the following vessels.

Two passenger vessels of 250 pax capacity. The tenders are finalized and the L1 bidder identified viz. M/s.Colombo Dockyard Limited, Sri Lanka at a cost of $18.30 million per vessel

Six self propelled steel barges of landing capacity of 100-150 passengers. The tenders finalized and L1 bidder finalized viz. M/s.Vipul Shipyard, Surat at cost of Rs.51.06 crores.

One 150 MT Oil Barge-under tender finalisation.

One LPG Ship capable of carrying 2500-3000 cylinders-under tender finalization

In order to meet the increasing demand of emergency patient evacuations as well as inter-island connectivity during monsoon season, the old dauphin N helicopter

was replaced with dauphin N3 type helicopter with enhanced carrying capacity from 1st September 2006.

The construction of Port Control Tower at Bitra is nearing completion and during the current year, the same will be commissioned.

One Mobile Crane of a handling capacity of 7 Tons was procured and stationed at Kavaratti.

Pre-sea training was provided to 281 local educated youths for accommodating them in seafaring, in the following categories:

o General Purpose Rating   : 119
o Saloon Rating : 154
o Diploma in Nautical Science : 3
o Marine Engineering Training : 5
Following marine crafts were built and inducted into service during 10th plan

oOne twin screw wooden tug for search and rescue

oTwo 20 meter passenger boats for fast movement of passengers between ship and shore.

oOne mooring boat

oOne twin screw wooden tug for mobile workshop

oThree dumb barges(two 75 and one 50MT) for loading unloading of cargo

oOne 100 passenger launch expected to be inducted into service by March 2007

Feasibility study completed for construction of a 300 meter dedicated berth at Kochi towards the south of South Coal Berth at an estimated cost of Rs.27.50 crores, and MOU between Cochin Port Trust and the UTL Administration is under finalization.

Entrance Channels are developed with proper silt clearance & laying of channel bouys and jetties are modified of jetties to suit the requirements of berthing.

The cargo barges started entering the lagoons and berthing at jetties for discharging at Kavaratti and Minicoy.

Procured 3 mooring buoys for mooring 5000 DWT vessels.


The Coconut production of 52.8 million nuts in the beginning of 10th Plan will increase to 58.0 million nuts by end of the Plan, enhancing the productivity to 22310 nuts per hector, the highest in the Country.

840 Coconut Climbers were brought under the insurance coverage

Extensive inter-cropping of fruits and vegetables in the coconut gardens

Spreading of Mandari / Eriophid Mite infestation in the coconut has been controlled to a major extent and rodent control programmes are in progress.

Efforts are on to promote High Value Agriculture as far as possible

The egg production base level of 82 lakhs has been increased to 125 lakhs

Milk production base level of 1300 MT increased to 2000 MT

10 Nos. of mechanized boats, 9 engines, 80 Outboard Motors, 68 VHF sets and 119 Global Positioning Systems were distributed to the farmers.

The fish catch for the 10th Plan is 52,726 tones.

28 nos. of Fish Aggregation Devices were deployed in Lakshadweep Waters

Two 10 tonne capacity Sea Water Block Ice Plants were established at Kavaratti and Andrott and amount has been released for establishment of one each Plants at Bitra and Chetlat.

140 candidates were trained on diversified fishing methods and paid apprentice training in repair and maintenance of marine engines. Tour was arranged for 80 progressive fisherman

Two new ventures of developing an ornamental fish hatchery and a cucumber hatchery have been initiated.

The vital rates have been brought down much below the National average

- Birth rate of 18.05 in 2001 to 16.17 in 2005-06 against National, 24.1 of 2004.

- Death rate of 3.87 in 2001 to 3.50 in 2004 -05 against National 7.5 of 2004.
- Infant mortality rate of 28.88 in 2001 to 6.73 in 2005-06 against National, 58 of
- Maternal mortality rate of 0.18 in 2001-01 to Nil in 2005-06.



30.00   28.88        
25.00       22.90    
20.00 18.05          
      16.60     16.17
      5.60     4.87
5.00 3.87     3.50    
    0.18 0.91   0.19  
  2001 2002 2003 2004   2005

Birth rate Death rate Meternal Mortality rate Infant Mortality rate


The Health Care system has been improved considerably controlling major communicable diseases.



      376325 376325 377369
  217541 220142      
      19939 19939 21418
  5357 4859      
  2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Out patient In Patients

The Cruise liner operation tourism which is ideal for eco-sensitive islands has been started and is getting momentum.

        TOURIST FLOW  
  30000           29294
Number 15000            
        4731   4701  
        4151 4045  
  5000 3259        
            2084 2142
    539   580 656    
    2001-02   2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
        Indian Foreign Total  


Upgradation of five High Schools in to Senior Secondary Schools, 2 Senior Basic Schools as Girls High Schools.

Three Degree level Colleges as University Centre of Calicut (Kerala) are opened one each at Kadmat, Kavaratti and Andrott

Computer education introduced in all High Schools.

Enhancement of Scholarship of students.

Universal primary education and computer education in primary classes under the Serva Siksha Abhiyan.

  18000 17260       17264
    17003 16886
Numbers 10000          
    809 850 893 883 898
    2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

Teachers Enrolment

Edu sat programme started in all islands with the help of ISRO to provide teacher training and supplementary training to students.

Installation of Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) Power Plants of 100 KWP at Agatti, Kavaratti, Andrott, Kalpeni, 150 KWp at Kadmat, 15 KWp at Suheli.

Augmented existing 25 KWp SPV Power Plants at Bangaram and Bitra to 50 KWps.

Installation of SPV Plants at Amini and Chetlat progressing.

Computerized billing system

Augmentation of Power supply installing Diesel Generating Sets.




      21352 22053
  19856 20379    
9837 9887 9878 9878 9924
2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

Installed Capacity(KW) Generation(000 KWH)

Provided 2645 domestic/ industrial connections.



  16000 15328    
  14242     14118  
Number 10000        
  2749 2893 3048    
  239 251 260 399 397
  2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
    Domestic Commercial Industiral  

Efficiency in power supply and reduction of transmission and distribution loses by installing transformers and converting overhead lines in to underground cable.

Consumer meter reading throughout Lakshadweep.

Bulk Oil Storage facilities construction is in progress at Kavaratti and Minicoy.

Provided Grant in-aid amounting to Rs.212.35 lakhs to the Panchayat Raj Institutions viz. District Panchayat and Village (Dweep) Panchayats during 2002- 2006 for their general administration, establishment changes and taking up Development Programmes and Rs.70.00 lakhs set aside for current Annual Plan.

Matching grant to the tune of Rs.67.00 lakhs released.


Establishment of a one lakh litre capacity Law Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant at Kavaratti. Installation of similar plants in six islands during current year.

Construction of substantial numbers of rain water harvesting tanks attached to Govt. buildings and also to private house holds.

Continued anti-sea erosion programmes to protect coastal belt subject to severe erosions

Supply of building materials to the inhabitants through Lakshadweep Building Development Board to ease them from the exorbitant transit cost

IT Mission initiated efforts of e-governance by providing effective and citizen friendly Government interface and use of IT as tool to upgrade the standard of living of people in all walks of life

Establishment of 30 Community Information Centers – Vidya Vahini Centres in 30 Schools to facilitate e-learning, sharing library resources etc. and to provide internet e-learning.

13 Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) and 30 Receive Only Terminals (ROTs) provided by ISRO for its Edusat program will be used for teachers training and interactive class room lessons for the students

The State Wide Area Network (SWAN) will make available services like internet connectivity, Telemedicine, e-Learning, e-Employment, e-Governance, e- Shopping, e-Banking, e-Commerce, Citizen services, Issue of different kinds of certificates, payment of utility bills, examination fees etc.

Case study & successful projects during Xth Five Year Plan under S& T Sector:

Studies on Coastal erosion and seasonal sediment transport in selected islands

Rapid environmental impact assessment of the mini Airstrip at Minicoy and Andrott Island with the help of Centre of Earth Science Studies, Trivandrum.

Preparation of Master Plan for Lakshadweep Islands in Association with School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Prepared an “Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Lakshadweep” in association with Centre of Earth Science Studies, Trivandrum.

Demarcation of High Tide Line, Low Tide Line and No Development Zone

Environmental Impact Assessment of IXth & Xth Five Year Plan of Lakshadweep Administration.

The Developmental problems of the UT are distinctive because of:

1.The fragile ecology of the coral attols making environmental compatibility the overriding consideration in Planning. Ecological protection should constitute the top priority as it is islander’s greatest asset and the brand for any future growth. Therefore, it is something which should not be tampered with even for the sake of other goals.

2.The Island Society shares the happy situation of a relatively more egalitarian social structure with a great deal of harmony, community life and a social milieu of cooperation among people. This is their greatest strength which has enabled them to face life and many odds, both natural and man-made, with equanimity. The process of development should not tinker with this and de-stabilize their lives, create competition which strikes at the root of fellow feeling.


3.The limited resource base though the islands are spread over a very large area surrounded by sea. Paucity of land, therefore, is a great limiting factor in taking up many activities which could generate resources, employment and build infrastructure.

4.Fresh water resources of a durable nature are not available, thus affecting not only agricultural activity but also human life. Lack of safe drinking water all through the year is a source of several health related problems

5.The inflow of migration from mainland also threatens the carrying capacity of the islands. Both migrants and local population compete for scarce resources.

6.The island topography does not contain any elevated land strata. All islands are located a few metres above mean sea level. Their common features include a storm beach on eastern rim, the coral sand plain to the west and wide boulder strewn inter-tidal space on the western side as also a shallow lagoon. This makes it particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, particularly during monsoons. The gales are a potential threat not only to life and property but also to the coral reef formation. The terrain also creates a drainage problem since no natural gravity is available.

7.Access to free education and fairly spread out educational infrastructure has created a high percentage of literacy in the islands. This has raised in the level aspirations of the youth in terms of nature of job and the level of remuneration. They are not volunteered to take up traditional jobs in coconut and fishing sectors, nor suitably trained.

8.Wide dispersal of the population in small islands scattered far away from each other and also from the mainland in the Arabian Sea making transport and communication a crucial elements in even the least ambitious development effort. Thus Lakshadweep continues to suffer from the tyranny of distance in several ways. The distance from mainland affects:-

a)The mobility of people (for education, employment, social and religious purposes, medical treatment etc.),

b)In many ways it increases the time and cost of travel,

c)Delays communication (especially newspapers, periodical, etc.),

d)affects the supply of goods and service as they have ship – to - mouth existence,

e)increase the cost of almost all products consumed in the islands,

f)obstruct the mixing of people, exchange of ideas and their thinking process,


g) makes people more inward looking and pessimistic about the future,

h) affects the attendance of the officials posted in the islands and

i) causes delay in deriving benefits from the developments in science & technology,

9. The High density of population and consequent limitation on land based resources making the sea and its untapped potential the only significant direction for establishing a self generating economy for the islands.

(The estimated five yearly populations of the islands is presented in the graph below.)


(Census 2001) - 60650 70000          
Estimated 2005 - 63610            
Estimated 2010 - 66990 68000          
Estimated 2015 - 69680 66000          
Estimated 2020 - 71580            
Estimated 2025 - 72630 64000          
  2001 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025

10. Heavy sea erosion in almost all the islands, seriously threatening the houses and the very existence of some smaller islands.



2007-2012 & ANNUAL PLAN 2007-2008

i.The Draft proposals 2007-2012 have been formulated primarily basing the SDR (State Development Report) prepared by the IAMR (Institute of Applied Manpower Research), N. Delhi as assigned by the Planning Commission.

The State Development Report of Lakshadweep has been prepared by the IAMR with the help of number of organizations having expertise in areas which are crucial for the development of the Lakshadweep economy viz:

Lakshadweep Administration.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education

Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding,

Ministry of Non conventional Energy Sources and

Department of Ocean Development.

Organizing a series of meetings, seminars and seeking expert consultations.

Ascertaining views of Government Officials, elected representatives and other stake holders from Lakshadweep through two seminars; one at Kavaratti Lakshadweep and the other at New Delhi.

ii.Report of studies commissioned by the Island Development Authority (IDA) have also been the basis for the plan formulation.

iii.The approach to 11th Five Year Plan towards faster and more inclusive growth” finalized and circulated by the Planning Commission.

iv.Taking on the basis of (i), (ii) & (iii) above, the departmental officers were directed by the Administrator to consult the Panchayati Raj Institutions; viz. the Dweep (Village) Panchayats and Lakshadweep District Panchayat before formulating the Plan 2007-2012.

v.The District Panchayat has been convened specially on 19.01.2007 and 20.01.2007 for considering the plan proposals.

vi.Administrator, at the request of the District Panchayat, also addressed the body on 22nd January, 2007 to facilitate and guide the plan formulation process in the District Panchayat.

vii.After taking the Projects/ Schemes of the Panchayat bodies, the Draft Eleventh Plan (2007-2012) has been formulated and is presented to the Planning Commission, Government of India for their approval.

Approach to 11th Five Year Plan

The approach “Towards Faster and More Inclusive Growth” circulated by the Planning Commission and discussed in the National Development Council met on 09.12.2006 has been the road map for the formulation of the 11th Plan of Lakshadweep.


Thus our approach is to:-

oMove away from a focus on outlay to hard look at outcomes.

oMove as rapidly as possible towards universalization of Secondary education which is an essential requirement in a knowledge driver world.

oAll children should be able to get as much education as they are capable of getting.

oElimination of dropouts.

oEmpowering people with skills and knowledge and giving them access to productive employment in future.

oManagement of power systems, especially distribution and a decisive improvement. Exploitation of New Renewable Resources of Energy ….. like, Solar, ocean etc.

oEnsure continuous and growing supply of quality manpower.

oExpansion of Industrial Training Institute not only in terms of persons they train but also in the number of different skills and trades they teach.

oEnvironmental sustainability.

oBring the islands close to mainland through connectivity by all means: sea, air, electronic media etc.

oReduce the discretionary power of the Government, ensure greater transparency and accountability and create awareness among citizens.

oRemove the discontent, dispense justice, instill a sense of fairness among the people and give them dignity and hope.

oStrong budgetary discipline.

oStrengthening support to agricultural diversification; for processing in islands, into horticulture and floriculture, effective marketing linkages, cold chain etc.

oEnabling small farmer participation by encouraging group formation and providing suitable and effective regulatory frame work.

oProtecting farmers from all risks through insurance coverage etc.

oFocus on creation of adequate infrastructure to fully benefit from natural, cultural, business, leisure, spiritual, religious, ecological, adventure and medical tourism.

oPublic Private Partnership.

oClean water for all.

oSolid Waste management.

oDevolution of funds to Panchayat accompanied by greater accountability

oMonitoring and evaluation of schemes implemented by Administration and Panchayat Raj Institutions.

oThe Planned increase in expenditure will be infructuous if accountability is not improved.

oExecutors must be indebted to the community and people they serve and be responsible and reportable to them.

oThere is also the serious problem of the poor performance of government officials reflecting lack of accountability in the system.



oTowards faster and sustainable development of the islands by using all the resources and potentials available in the islands without disturbing the ecology and environment and the socio cultural heritages so that the economy of islands grows rapidly and remains is self sufficient and preserves its self-reliant socio-economic specialities.

oRaising the living standard of people (i) through enhancement of income, and (ii) increasing employment opportunities for youth, particularly the educated youth.

oEnhancing the quality of life, particularly in respect of improving drinking water supply and providing swift inter-island and islands-mainland connectivity.

oEcological protection since it is the basic condition for the survival and

growth of island people through eco-friendly solid and liquid waste management practices.

oPreserving the existing social structure, vibrant community life and cultural values.

oPreventing migration from the mainland and highlight the carrying capacity of the islands.

oRemoving social and economic inequalities and promote equitable progress both inter-island and intra- island.

oStrengthening democratic decision making with widest level of participation.

oTaking up sustainable development programmes which are both efficient and generate largest satisfaction, do not create too much dependency and are within the capability of the community to manage, promoting ‘ownership’ of development projects among people.

These development goals individually and collectively are unexceptionable; the pursuit of each individual goal may not be in full harmony with others and may generate some degree of dissonance or conflict. Therefore, it will be necessary to assign some values and weight to each goal with a view to determining inter se prioritization.

Principal Objectives of XIth Plan

The overall objective is to promote a self sustaining economy which can also make vital and strategic contributions to the economic development of the nation. While it is recognized that some subsidies must continue because of the geographic location and the ecological fragility of the islands, it is intended that these subsidies should help generate productivity.

The development so achieved should be sustainable in the particular physical and social environment of the islands.


a)The sea and land must supply more produce by opening up hitherto unexplored profitable paths for the inhabitants (as in the plan for agriculture, fisheries development, tourism and industries.)


b)Products from the sea and land must generate surplus income that is used productively and not extracted by others or converted into gold jewellery or idle bank balances. (to be ensured through greater investment opportunity in coconut, fishery and tourism related industry and other industries specially identified and in easing marketing bottlenecks through improved transport and communication).

c)Subsidies should be related to productive activities and aim at promoting faster economic development and taper down after reaching the self sustaining take off stage. Subsidies will however have to continue on transport, power, health, education and food grains. Subsidy will also be necessary to encourage local entrepreneurs to make investments business/ industrial and fishery ventures).


Salient Features:-


Enhance coconut productively from each palm hectarage, minimum nut damage loss by proven management practice, encourage processing and product diversification and assure competitive open marketing; thereby sustained development with higher percapita income.

Coconut Crop insurance:- Coconut being the only cash crop of the territory and livelihoods of Schedule Tribes farmers; bringing it under the umbrella of insurance coverage against loses specially on natural calamities like cyclone monsoon furry and action of the sea due to erosion is a bold step.

Neera tapping (Local name Meera):- Product diversification for economic value addition on par with generating livelihood income to coconut farmers. Meera is a organic soft drink with unique aroma and flavor, also widely used for making vinegar and jaggery.

Mushroom cultivation:- A viable small scale farming with low cost infrastructure and indigenous technology. A public awareness on mushroom need to be made.

Rainwater harvesting in Agriculture and cultivation:- Rainwater Harvesting , by placing pots of sufficient size under the plants and drip irrigation. Also creation of natural water resources by construction of community water pond and water conservation measures by organic recycling etc.

Land, water and soil conservation:- Land, water and biodiversity are the three precious natural resources of the islands. Therefore bold initiatives to preserve and protect agricultural land from over exploitation

Rodent pest management through significant revival of time tested community ‘rat hunting’. Ward-wise or mosque wise system of awarding prizes to those groups which do best job in rat hunting will be introduced. This will not only bring the population of rats under control but also help increase the coconut production and control over chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue and other vector diseases. Every house shall be given a Rat Catching Box (eli petti) which will be manufactured by the local carpenters in various islands and will be distributed to every households on 50%


subsidy basis, so that on regular basis rat hunting go on every day. Children and women would be encouraged to use the Rat Box.


Installation of solar hatcheries:- First in the history of Lakshadweep, solar hatcheries to save diesel energy and costs. This is eco-friendly and easily operated by farmer level.

Expansion of Dairy Unit:-Distribute high yielding milch cows to interested farmers. Also strengthen existing diary farms at Kavaratti & Minicoy.

Expansion of Veterinary Facilities in all islands:- Aim is to keep Lakshadweep free from threat of any out breaks of contagious diseases affecting goat, cow and poultry. Establishment of quarantine unit at Mangalore to check diseases affected animals taking to islands.

Establishment of Feed Mixing Unit:- Utilize large quantities of wastes from tuna and other fishes available in plenty and convert it to fish meal and feed to ensure availability of quality and fresh livestock feed.

Insurance coverage of Birds, Cattle and Goat:- Proper insurance coverage of poultry goat, birds and cattle to protect farmers from loses due to epidemics death etc.

Thrust for poultry development, retaining minimum required best quality cattle and goats to harness milk requirements. Implementing all schemes with Public Private Participation fully beneficial to livestock farmers of the islands. Establishment of poultry and livestock co-op societies.

Opening of fishmeal & feed mixing unit to ensure availability of quality and fresh livestock feeds and economic utilization of large quantities of tuna and other fish wastes available in plenty.

Establish cattle holding, breeding farm and quarantine unit at Mangalore, insurance coverage to cattle.


Maximum exploitation of hitherto unexploited sea potential around the islands by evolving and introducing new techniques, mother vessels and Mari culture as visualized in the Perspective Plan for the development of Fisheries sector in Lakshadweep, prepare by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research with U.T. Administration. Insurance of Fishing boats, formation of fishermen co-operatives. Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) deployed already in the territorial waters will be maintained. Satellite data on Potential Fishing Zone collected from NRSA will be communicated to local fisher men in order to save time and efforts and to improve the fish catch.

Introduction of Cold Chain:- Cold chain facilities will be provided in all islands for storage of raw fish.


Introduction of Mother Vessel / Collector Vessel:- Procure two mother vessels and their regular operation so that fish from the fishermen are collected at fishing ground itself.

Mari culture of commercially important marine organism:- Proposal is to culture pearl oysters implanted with nucleus in the selected lagoons. Establishment of a small hatchery at Kadmat.

Insurance of boats:- All fishing boats will be brought under insurance coverage.

Formation of fisherman cooperative societies on all islands :- Cooperative Societies for fishermen will be organized in all islands so as to get the fishing gears etc. at reasonable cost and under take transaction of fish and marketing.


Strengthening co-operative movements. Provision to market entire agricultural produces to the best advantages of the farmers through cooperatives. Strengthening public distribution system and construction of godowns. Establishment of FCI godown in the islands for storing rice and wheat. It will reduce our burden of transport cost and ensure regular supply of rice even during monsoon. Transport subsidy on food grains and petroleum products.

Marketing of Products – Copra, mas and coir etc. :Marketing of copra, mass, coir etc will be chanalised through cooperatives.


Make Panchayat Raj Institutions as full-fledged local self government institutions to meet the requirements of the islands residents by providing development grants, incentive grant for; resource mobilization, sanitation, public health activities and infrastructure development. A new district Panchayat sadan with modern facilities. Arrange general election of PRIs due in 2007-08.

FLOOD CONTROL(Anti Sea Erosion)

Anti- sea erosion measures adopting the pilot scheme suggested by the expert committee.


Provide better transmission and distribution of electrical energy, augmentation of generating capacity through diesel generation and exploiting renewable resources of energy like solar, ocean energy etc. Provision to continue construction work of bulk oil storage facility progressing at Kavaratti and Minicoy and extension to other islands.

Tapping of Ocean Energy (Tidal, wave, Energy, OTEC) etc: Ocean around us will supply enormous amount of energy for endless period in the form wave energy, tidal energy and from thermal gradient between the layers of ocean waters. Tapping these energy in association with NIOT, NIO etc.



Expansion of small scale industries :- Promote technical and finance support to entrepreneurs for setting up of small industries unit of coir processing, coconut powder plant, fish-processing and packaging in order to generate employment for the youths

Modernize fiber factories, strengthen coir industries with value added products and improved methods, skill up gradations training and promote activities of the Lakshadweep Khadi & Village Industries Board.

Establishment of handicraft training centers:- The programmes formulated based on the recommendation of the expert group of the Planning Commission. Organizing training to crafts men and to local youths, setting up of handicraft unit at Minicoy, arrange exhibition cum sale and celebration of handicrafts week and providing tool kits.


Daily Ship Connectivity:- Additional ships, 700pax, 400pax, 250pax and inter island service of three 150pax, three 50pax, 15pax are proposed to be added for regular islands-mainland, islands-islands connectivity.

Augmentation and expansion of dedicated berth:- One dedicated berth with terminal facilities at Kochi and another at Beypore/ Azhikal.

Airstrip at Andrott & Minicoy:- Construction of Airstrips at Andrott and Mincoy and three more islands.

Perspective Plan for Shipping sector: -Prepared by Ministry of Shipping & Transport will be implemented and ships ferries landing barges, oil barges, LPG ship, Bullard Tugs and Training ships are proposed to be acquired.

Air Connectivity Every Day:- Acquisition of two Helicopter with ground support equipments.

Expansion of Agatti Airport: - Agatti Airport will extend enabling operation of bigger aircrafts.

Dedicated Berth at Kochi, Calicut & Mangalore:- For exclusive berthing of Administration ships in these ports.

Expansion of Passenger facilities like X-ray screening, night shelter facility:-

Terminal facilities at six major islands, Jetties & Helipads, construction of godown for storing fuel, cargo etc

Construction of Godowns:- The refueling facilities for helicopters are at present available only at Kavaratti and Agatti. There are no proper AFS Stores in the islands for storing the fuel etc. Due to non availability of refueling facilities at farther islands from Kavaratti is leading to wastage of passenger carrying capacity of the helicopter


as fuel has to be carried for return journey by curtailing the number of passengers. There is need for construction of godowns for storage of cargo Hence it is proposed to construct AFS Stores/godowns at five islands

Construction of Five Load lining Dumb Barges with power tugs:- In the absence of proper harbour facilities in the islands, cargo are discharged at open sea and have to be taken though the shallow lagoons. For this purpose, non mechanised dumb barges are found to be the most ideal and economical type of loading/unloading crafts. For towing the dumb barges twin screw tugs are also required. Apart from 75MT and 50MT dumb barges, it is proposed to procure 100- 150 MT dumb and appropriate power tugs for towing the barges and these crafts need to be ocean going with designated load line.

Introduction of Multipurpose High – Speed Boats:- In order to meet the medical as well as security emergency requirements, it is proposed to procure one multipurpose high speed ferry during XI Five Year Plan period.


The Lakshadweep Harbour Works continues to support our efforts in enhancing the harbour infrastructure. The scheme for providing eastern side embarkation facilities at Kavaratti, Agatti, Amini and Minicoy islands are in different stages of construction with a target of completion by August, 2007. Similar eastern side embarkation facilities will be taken up in the XI Five Year Plan at Kadmat, Kiltan Chetlat and Bitra. Construction of 3rd stage breakwater at Andrott for berthing 6.70m draft.


Arrest all kinds of activities that may affect the Environment and Ecology of the islands adversely.


Tourism Policy to be finalized:- A suitable eco friendly tourism policy for the islands will be finalized to protect the islands from any short/long term damages.

Opening of tourism in all island :- Besides, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti and Minicoy the remaining other islands will be opened for tourists. All islands are equally beautiful and tourism potentials are proposed to be exploited.

Public Private Participation in Tourism: To provide employment opportunities for the educated unemployed youths by extending grants for setting up of shopping complexes. Private participation in tourism sector will be promoted.

Strengthening of tourist transport:- Procurement of a dedicated cruise ship for tourists.

Purchase of tourist boats: - In addition to a speed boat purchased already few more boats will be purchased.


Purchase of helicopters:- A helicopter exclusively for tourist purpose is needed so as to attract more domestic as well as international tourists.

Promote law volume high quality tourism while simultaneously maintaining and promoting the fragile eco-system of the islands.

Information, Tourism and Cultural cum Convention Center (ITCCC) to presents “Virtual Lakshadweep” to all concerned stake holders, tourists, investors and medias in Delhi.


Establishment of full-fledged Planning machinery supported inter-alia by core statistical set up for drawing up schemes most suited to local conditions, their execution, and supervision and monitoring and to create a strong and reliable data base.


Improving quality of education and bring the entire establishment of Degree Colleges under the State Plan and pre- vocationalisation of education,.

Grant in- aid to NGOs, Madrassas to attract private participation in consistent with National Policy of Education.

Universal Secondary Education Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.:- Universal Elementary Education, the goal of SSA by 2010 is almost achieved in Lakshadweep leaving a bare minimum of 200 odd students. To achieve Universal Secondary Education by the year 2010 so that there is no child in the age group of 14-16 years are out of school and bring all out of school children under universal secondary education of SSA.

One Nursery School For Every Junior Basic School. A nursery school attached to every Junior Basic School.

Computer education in all schools:- In all schools computer education will be introduced to make the pupil computer literate

Establishment Of Polytechnic In Kavaratti With Diploma In Fishing, Coir, Marine Tourism Etc:- There is no Technical Education Institute in Lakshadweep. Proposal is to start one Poly Technique Institute introducing diploma courses in Fisheries Science, Tourism/ Hotel Management and Marine Engineering


Volley Ball Courts In All Islands (One Per Ward):- Promote sports and physical education Universally among youth and women. In every island, in every ward propose to construct a Volley ball –cum Ball badminton Court


Multi-Gym and indoor stadium in all Islands:- Provision to start Multi-gym and Indoor stadium in every inhabited island for active participation of youths in sports and games.


Solid Waste management and construction of scientific sewage system:- Sewage disposal and control of water pollution in all islands.

Installation of sea water desalination (LTTD) plants in all islands:- Setting up of Low Temperature Thermal Desalination plant, like the one at Kavarati in all island

Construction of multi-storied buildings for government servants- Considering the scarcity of land, multi storied buildings for Govt quarters.

Establishment of housing board:- It is proposed to construct 100 houses per annum for locals with the assistance of HUDCO in islands.

Widening of roads:- Widening of existing roads and construction of link roads in all islands.

Construction of transit accommodation:- Construction of transit accommodation for islanders at Kochi, Calicut, Mangalore and at Nedumbassery.

Supply building materials requirement of islanders through Lakshadweep Building Development Board and establishment of Housing Board.


A separate department for Arts & Culture under the leadership of art loving officer.

The welfare of the folk artists will be a matter of high priority.

Promotion, preservation and dissemination of tribal cultures and traditions, implementation of Public Libraries Records Act 1993.


Construction Of Buildings For Anganwadis:- Construct Anganwadi centres in all islands in a phased manner during the plan period. Providing grants in aid to Lakshadweep Council of Child Welfare and Lakshadweep State Social Welfare Board for running crèches in all islands. Providing play materials, pre-school equipments to Anganwadis and crèches etc.

Extension of Mid-day meals scheme up to twelfth standard:- Mid-day meals will
be provided to the students up to 12th standard.  

Establishment of model Anganwadi one in each island:- A model Anganwadi will be established in every island.

Town hall cum cultural center in all islands:- Every island will have a Town hall cum cultural centre and youth hostel. Organize cultural festivals at Island/UT levels,


exchange programmes, documentation and conducting extensive research on characteristics of island culture and tradition. Set up information centres in the island to provide the publics access to various information sources.

Extension of insurance to handicapped persons:- A social security measure to give pension to old aged, widows, disabled due to various and mental handicaps @ Rs.300/month.

Allowances to handicapped persons:- There are physically handicapped, deaf, dumb, blind and mentally retarded persons in this UT. Due to their poor financial position they are not able to under go specialized medical treatment and purchase required artificial limbs, hearing aids, wheel chair/ tricycle etc. Financial assistance to handicapped persons with one escort to under go specialized treatment and provide artificial equipments. Providing comprehensive rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities, implementation of National Policy for Persons with Disabilities and PWD Act, 1995. Construction of KIOSKs in 9 islands.


Universal Elimination of chicken-pox, chikun gunya, malaria etc. :- Efforts to control and eradicate epidemics like chicken pox, chicken gunya, malaria etc by adopting preventive, promotive and curative methods so that Lakshadweep will be free from epidemic diseases.

Conversion of Indira Gandhi Hospital into super speciality Hospital:-

Construction of causality wing, provision for specialists - ENT, Ortho, Cardio and Psycho and upgrade IGH into Super Specialty Hospital.

Setting up of Bio-waste Management Unit:- Start one each bio waste
management Unit in all hospitals and CHCs.          

Introduction of thermo-testing system for fever detection at all entry points:-

Infra red fever detection system to be introduced at Kochi and Calicut.

Separate department for ISM and creation of dispensaries in all islands:- Up gradation of Ayurvedic Dispensary, opening new three Ayurvedic Dispensaries and one homeopathy Dispensary and two Unani Dispensaries.

Patients facility centre at Kochi:- Islanders are spending a lot for treatments at Mainland. Therefore establishment of patient facility center at Kochi nearer to Nedumbassery Air Port will reduce their expenditure.

Establishment of public health laboratory in all islands:- Public Health Lab with provision of a micro biologist to analyze and supervise lab for epidemic control.

Construction of buildings for PHC’s, CHC’s Sub-centers and accommodation for Doctors:- Suitable buildings will be constructed for all PHCs, CHCs and Sub- Centers with provision for accommodation of doctors.


Installation of incinerators for medical wastes. Propose to have five medium size incinerators for Kavaratti, Andrott, Minicoy, Amini and Agatti and four mini size incinerators for Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kiltan and Chethlat.

Strengthening Primary health care system, start more Dental units, provision for accident and emergency service and High speed Medical Ambulance Boat,


Up gradation of ITI/ introducing new trades like hospitality management, marine tourism, ship service, fishing trade etc. Upgradation and expansion of I.T.I. in to a centre of Excellence. Additional courses in mason, plumber, seamen training, fishing, marine engineering etc will be introduced in the existing ITI so that educated youths can take up employment.

Digitalization of employment exchange:- Computerization of Employment
Exchange for indexing live register etc.      

Overseas employment :- A society will be formed to provide assistance to employment seekers for finding employment in the country and overseas as well.

Opening of Competitive exam coaching centre:- Coaching Center for competitive exam centers on the pattern of Kerala/Gujarat States.


Conversion of islands in to SMART islands:- Setting up of State Wide Area Net work/V-Sat and island will be made smart islands.

Introduction of Citizen Identity / Ration Cards:- Issue of electronic ration card and identity card to all citizens of the island.


Creation / expansion of Marine Force:- The island of Minicoy is hardly 40 Miles away from Republic of Maldives and only 120 Miles from Diego Garcia and U.S Army base. Considering above aspects urgent need has been felt for enhance mobility of the Police force and effective patrolling in Lakshadweep sea.

Coastal Police:- Patrolling of close coastal waters by operationalised coastal police stations of boats/ ships etc to Lakshadweep waters.


Extension of Fire station to all islands:- Considering the peculiar geographical condition of the islands, one each of Fire station is recommended to all the islands.

TOTAL OUTLAY PROPOSED - 11th Plan. (2007-12) - Rs.2495.50 Crores. Annual Plan 2007-08 - Rs.402.12 Crores.


Statement of outlays proposed and approved for Tenth Plan, Approved outlay for Annual Plan 2006-07 & Projections of outlays of 11th Plan and Annual Plan 2007- 08 are presented in the statement at Annexure- I & II.

11th Five Year Plan Projected Outlay over Years


(Rs.in lakhs)

80000.00                       75867.02    
70000.00             67130.33              
40000.00                       35307.88    
22019.78     19643.41                    
10000.00     5650.25                   7478.91  
    1455.50     1084.00 17.50   3012.83      
    RURAL                 ECONOMIC    
                    SOCIAL GENERAL GENERAL
  ALLIED                   GENERAL


3.00 4.36 8.82



















18000.00     17258.20      
8000.00     5421.26   6151.08  
6000.00       3019.93  
4000.00           1273.73
  366.59 500.00 170.55 593.00 930.00
2000.00 2.50    










The sector wise schemes and components of each scheme are presented below.

    Allocation Allocation
Sl.No Name of the scheme for For
    2007-08 XI FYP
I AGRICULTURE 500.00 5539.80
1 Coconut Development Programme    
i Thinning out of unproductive palms    

iiCoconut nursery (N)

iiiCoconut crop insurance (N)

ivNeera tapping programmme(locally Meera) (N)

vEstt. of coconut processing complexes (N)

viInsurance coverage to Coconut climbers

2Organic Farming Programme (New Scheme) i Establishment of Model organic farms (N)

Establishment of Coconut farmers Co-operative

iiSocieties/Services Provider (N)

iiiBase Line survey and organic accreditation (N)

ivGreen Manure Cropping (N)

vRejuvenation of Botanical garden.

3Livelihood Support Services(New Scheme)

i Coconut Demonstration Plot (N)

iiCoconut Nurseries (N)

iiiNeera Tapping & Processing (N)

ivHusk Retting & Coir spinning (N)

vVirgin Coconut Oil Making (N)

viVermiculture /Coir pith Plus Compost making (N)

viiBanana /Papaya/Sweet Potato/betel Vine /Gardens



viiSapota/Guava/lime /bread fruit demonstration plot in 50 sq,mts (N)

ixFloriculture/Orchids (N)

xCoconut Wood Furniture/handicraft units (N)

xiMushroom Cultivation (N)

Horticulture Development Programme

4(New Scheme)

iVegetable cultivation

iiFruit cultivation

iiiTuber cultivation

ivSpices cultivation (N)

vPulses cultivation

5Natural Resource Management (New Scheme)

iLand Reclamation and Development

iiCoastal Shelter belt Plantation (N)

iiiIntegrated nutrient management (N)

iv Soil ,Water and Biodiversity Conservation (N)

vStrengthening of soil testing lab

viPoly film green houses (N)

6Integrated Pest management

iRodent pest management

iiMandari/Eriophyid mite control programme

iiiBio control programme

ivMechanical control

vOrganic and bio-pesticides

viPost entry plant quarantine (N)

viiStrengthening of Bio Control Lab (N)

Human Resource Development plan for


iCoconut climbers pension scheme (N)

iiConsultancy / Outsourcing services/Financial Assistance to KVK

iiiAgricultural extension services



8 Information Communication Technology
i e-Infrastructure

iie-commerce and e-business

iiie-Net work with broad band connectivity

ivIT enabled organic farming

ve- service

9Civil works.

i Building for coconut processing complex (N)

iiExpansion and modifications of Dept Offices

iiiExpansion and modification of soil testing lab Kadmat

ivExpansion and modification of bio control lab Androth


v Opening of Agri clinic at Cheriyam at Kalpeni (N)  
vi Krishi vigyan Kendra,(Kiltan) (N)    
II ANIMAL HUSBANDRY 473.35 2874.83
1 Poultry development programme    
i Egg production    

iiLayer chicks production

iiiBroiler chicks production

ivParent stock rearing units

vDeep litter unit ( 100to 500)

viDeep litter unit ( 500 above)

viiBackyard poultry

viiiBackyard Turkey

ixBackyard Quailery

xBackyard Guinea

xiPurchase of Parent stock layer hatching eggs

xiiPurchase of Parent stock Broiler hatching eggs

xiiiPurchase of backyard hatching eggs

xivPurchase of quail hatching eggs

xvPurchase of Turkey hatching eggs

xviPurchase of Guinea Hatching eggs

xviiPurchase of Duck hatching eggs

xviiiPurchase of Parent stock Duck hatching eggs

xixPurchase of layer hatching eggs

xxPurchase of Broiler hatching eggs

xxiAward for best poultry farmer

xxiiFinancial Assistance for Cage/Equipments/ inputs

xxiiiEst. of Poultry Dairy Co-op society

xxivPurchase of poultry feed

xxvEst. of Homestead Cage

xxviFinancial Assistant to Deep litter shed ( 500 below)

xxviiF. A to Deep litter shed ( Above 500)

xxviiiEst. feed mixing units (N)

Provision for Annual Maintenance Contract for

xxixincubators (N)

xxxF. A for Est. of quail pickle unit (N)

xxxiF.A to Est. of chicken pickle unit (N)

xxxiiF.A for Est. of egg pickle unit (N)

xxxiiiInsurance coverage of birds (N)

xxxivEst. of Poultry products sales center (N)

2Goat Development Programme

iDistribution of goats

iiAward for best goat farmer

iiiEst. of Boer goat farm

ivProvision of non officials for procuring goat

vIntroduction AI among goat (N)

viPurchase of goat feed

viiF.A for construction of goat shed

viiiProvision for Goat Insurance Coverage. (N)


3 Cattle Development Praramme
i Milk production

iiAward for best cattle farmer

iiiPurchase of cattle feed

ivProvision of non officials for procuring goat

vPurchase of AI equipments

viPurchase of Milking Cows

viiCattle show

Establishment of Cattle holding & Breeding farm at

viiiMangalore (N)

ixProvision for Cattle Insurance Coverage. (N)

xF.A for cattle shed (N)

4Veterinary services and Animal Health Control Programme

iPurchase of Vet. Equipments/ instruments

iiPurchase of slaughter house equipments

iiiPurchase of Medicine

ivPurchase of poultry vaccines

vPurchase of cattle vaccine

viProvision for buffer stock medicine

viiInpatients/ out patients treated

Poultry vaccination Raniket,Fowl pox,Marks


ixCattle vaccination- FMD ,Other Diseases

xProvision of Quarantine Unit at Mangalore (N)

5Training and Technical Assistance Programme

iFarmers Tour

iiFarmers Training

iiiTraining programme for para vets on campus

ivPoultry Expo

vE.D.programme for local youths.

Provision of Establishment of Training Center for

vifarmers (N)

viiProvision of Expert visit (N)

viiiProvision for Veterinary Council (N)

6Civil works.

Construction/ renovation of office building / feed go down/

i clinic/ poultry pen

iiDuck breeding farm


ivBird park

vSlaughter House

viGoat Farm

viiFeed Mixing Unit.

viiiDiagnostic Center

III FISHERIES 2701.40 9465.00


1Supply of mechanized fishing boats, introduction of modern fishing vessels on subsidy under hire purchase system and issue of in board Engine, Out board Motors and navigational equipments under Hire purchase system

Construction and issue of 30 feet and 34 feet mechanized boats

on subsidy including procurement of timber, boat building

i materials, engines and labour charges

Introduction of Gill netter-cum-long liner Vessels at

ii40% subsidy

Introduction of Maldivian Type pole and line

iiiFishing Vessels at 40 % subsidy

ivSupply of engines and OBM on subsidy 25 % Issue of navigational equipments at full cost under

vHP System

viFish Catch (000 tons)

2Development of Deep Sea Fisheries

Operation and maintenance of departmental 55 feet and 38 feet fishing vessels for demonstration, in-

ivessel training and monitoring of FADs.

Operation and maintenance of self propelled barge

of the Department – stage payment and operational


iiiSupply of fishing gear materials on subsidy Deployment, maintenance and monitoring of Fish

ivAggregation Devices

3Development of Shore based infrastructural facilities

i Establishment of Ice Plants in the islands

Establishment of cold storages-cum-walk in freezers

iiin the islands and mainland

iiiEstablishment of an integrated fish processing unit Extension of financial assistance to self help groups (SHGs),

  other voluntary organizations including Panchayat
  for production
  of value added fishery products and fish waste
iv utilisation with 30% subsidy  
  Establishment, running and maintenance of
  community masmin

vmaking units for production of High Quality masmin Running and maintenance of cold chain infrastructures

viin the islands and mainland

viiEstablishment and maintenance of fish markets


viiiFinancial assistance to the Fishermen Co-operative Societies in Lakshadweep

ixSupply of Insulated Fish Boxes /

Ice Boxes on Subsidy to the Fishermen

4Mari culture of commercially important

  marine organisms (New Scheme)  
  Demonstration Mari culture of economically
i important seaweeds (N)      
  Financial and technical assistance to the, Self Help
  Groups, Voluntary Organizations and Village
  (Dweep) Panchayat etc for the seaweed culture,
ii processing and marketing (N)    
  Mari culture of Pearl Oysters and production of

iiicultured pearls (N)

Establishment of a small scale hatchery-cum- laboratory at Kadmath

island for pearl oyster spat production and nucleus

ivimplantation (N)

5Extension & Training and Strengthening of Statistical Database in Fisheries Sector.

Strengthening of laboratory attached to the Marine

iAquarium and Museum

iiSeminar and workshop

Payment of Allowances to the in-vessel and other

iiitrainees including paid apprentice trainees

ivPrinting and Publishing

vTour to progressive Fishermen.

Cost of furniture and office equipments and cost of


viiComputerization of the Fisheries Field Units in all the islands and providing V-sat connection facilities for strengthening of statistical database

6Setting up of Fisherman Cooperative

  Working capital contribution in Fishermen
i Cooperative Societies
  Loan and subsidy for chartering of transport

iivehicles including Mechanised Sailing Vessels Share capital contribution in Fishermen Cooperative


Managerial subsidy towards payment of salary / wage to the functionaries including one Secretary and one Co-operative Inspector / auditor per society

ivand building rent.

vLoan and subsidy for furniture and equipments

  Managerial subsidy for the payment of salary / wage
  for the workers engaged for the production and
vi marketing of value added products


viiTransport subsidy on oil from IOC Godown to the sales units of the Fishermen Cooperative Society in the islands and for the fish and fishery produces from islands to mainland

7Civil works.

  Expansion of Directorate and Fisheries Unit at
i Kavaratti

iiExtension of Office Building at Bitra

iiiExtension of Fisheries Unit, Kalpeni

ivConstruction of store building at Kadmath

Hatchery- cum- laboratory for Pearl Oyster culture

vat Kadmath

viCompound Wall for Fisheries Unit, Amini

viiApproach Road to Fisheries Unit, Amini

viiiExtension of Fisheries Unit building at Minicoy

ixFish Markets in islands

xPlatform for the Oil Storage Tanks in the islands

xiIce Plants islands

8Introduction of mother vessel/ Collector vessel

iProcurement of Mother Vessel

iiRunning and maintenance of Mother Vessel

IV COOPERATION 850.00 4140.15
1 Marketing and Processing of Agriculture    
  Revolving capital for marketing (grant.in aid)    
i Copra/Mas/Cir    
  Assistance for marketing reimbursement of grading,    

iistorage, service charges etc.

iiiLoan for construction of godown /office

ivSubsidy for construction of godown /office

vManagerial Subsidy (N)

viShare capital

2Public Distribution System (Distribution of

  essential commodities and consumer goods).
i Managerial Subsidy
  Loan & Subsidy for construction / modification /

iirepair cargo vessel

Loan and subsidy for construction of Fair Price

iiiShops /Super bazaar / addl. Godown

ivProcurement of Computer

vManagerial Subsidy

viTransport Subsidy on food grains

viiTransport subsidy on petroleum products Interest Subsidy on Govt. Rice / sugar credit


Share capital contribution Government Employees Coop. Stores & Canteen, Managerial Subsidy, Loan

ixand Subsidy for furniture

  Working Capital Loan
3 Development of Credit Cooperative Societies.

iShare Capital contribution

iiWorking Capital Loan

iiiManagerial Subsidy

ivInterest Subsidy on Working Capital Loan

vLoan and Subsidy for office building

4Development of other types of Cooperative Societies

iManagerial Subsidy

Working capital loan to women

iiCoop.Society/Industrial Coop.Society (N)

iiiShare capital

ivWorking Capital

5Training & Education

i Conduct of various training programme    
ii Grant-in-aid to State Cooperative Union    
V (PANCHAYATHI RAJ) 366.59 1455.50
1 Providing development grant to Panchayats.    

iGrant to VDP ii Grant to DP

2Other Rural Development Programmes

iMatching grant

ii75% of revenue collection by the PRIs

Disability grant for the Panchayats for having very

iiismall economic base

Grant for 1 Lakh for Panchayats which mobilize

ivmaximum revenue

Grant for 1 Lakh to VDPs and Rs.5 lakhs for DP for

vefficient Utilisation of funds

3Programme on sanitation & public health by the Village (Dweep)Panchayaths

iGrant to VDP ii Grant to DP

4Programme for development of infrastructure to the Panchayats

iGrant to VDP

iiGrant to DP

5Introduction of Panchayat Raj set up & Administrative setup / conducting of general election (Panchayat and bi elections).

i Grant to VDP    
ii Grant to DP    
VI FLOOD CONTROL 500.00 5650.25
1 (Anti Sea Erosion)    


  i Anti sea erosion works in Lakshadweep Islands.    
VII   POWER 4000.00 15730.06

1Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity and Distribution System at Minicoy Island.

i a).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers x Meter test bench

xiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xii,Oil filtration plant etc

xiiiImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

2and Distribution System at Kavaratti Island.

i a).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers x Meter test bench

xiCivil works.

xiiAdministrative set up

xiiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiv,Oil filtration plant etc

xvImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

3and Distribution System at Amini Island.

i a).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers x Meter test bench


xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

4and Distribution System at Androth Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers

xMeter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

5and Distribution System at Kalpeni Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers

xMeter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

6and Distribution System at Agatti Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box


viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers

xMeter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

7and Distribution System at Kadamat Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers

xMeter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

8and Distribution System at Kiltan Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM

vService connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers

xMeter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

9and Distribution System at Chetlat Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed


iiiHT Line Km

ivLT Line (UG) KM


v Service connection

viStreet lights

viiSMC Pillar box

viiiEnergy Meters

ixUnder ground cable for consumers x Meter test bench

xiOil storage facilities

xiiEnergy conservation

Special Tools & Plants such as Cable fault locator

xiii,Oil filtration plant etc

xivImplementation of e- Governance

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

10and Distribution System at Bitra Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed

iiService connection

iiiStreet lights

ivEnergy Meters

vUnder ground cable for consumers

viOil storage facilities

Augmentation of Diesel Generating Capacity

11and Distribution System at Bangaram Island.

ia).DG Capacity (Proposed

iiconstruction of LT Line (UG) KM

VIII (NRSE) 1421.26 3913.35
1 Installation of SPV Power Plant at Islands.    
i SPV Power plant at Andrott 200kwp    

iiSPV Power plant at Kavaratti 150kwp

iiiSPV Power plant at Minicoy 100kwp

ivSPV Power plant at Amini 100kwp

vSPV Power plant at Chetlat 200kwp

viSPV Power plant at Kadmat 100kwp

viiSPV Power plant at Kiltan 100kwp

viiiSPV Power plant at Suheli 50kwp

ixroof mounted SPV Power plant 10kwp each

Popularisation of energy saving devices&


2Installation of Biomass Gassifier.

iInstallation of Biomass Gasifier in islands

Popularisation of energy saving devices

3& appliances

iSolar Lantern

iiSolar Cooker

iiiSolar Water heater

ivSolar Copra drier

vStreet Light

viAwareness Programme

4Tapping of Ocean Energy


  Taping of new energy like ocean energy, fuel cell    
  Construction of office , Laboratory and Residential    

1Incentives/financial to ST/ Local entrepreneurs in the No Industry Dist.of Lakshadweep.

i 25% CIS

ii30% Ind.C.Subsidy

iiiExposure tour Working capital

ivShare Capital

vManagerial Assistance

viEstt.Cost of credit Guarantee scheme

2Modernization of existing mechanized Coir Fibre Factories/DCP/CPC in Islands.

Modernization of fibre factories including Chetlath/Curling/CPC

Training to local Woman folk (M.Ratt)/MCY/CPC/SGHG/W.shop/seminar/stipend/

i Hon.

iiComputerization of Ind.dept. through IT.

iiiBuy back arrangement/Pro.M.Ratt

ivProcurement of raw materials

vAdvertise & Publicity

viLease on land/procure land etc.

3Promotion of Handicrafts In Lakshadweep (Tra.DP)

i Computer IT.

iiExtension of training/IIT/RD

iiiMachineries HCT.

ivRaw mater.

vBuy back

4Organizing Entrepreneur Development Programme for Promotion of SSI units in Islands. (Tra.DP)

iCond.Entreprenuer Development Programme -

5Assistance to LKVI Board (Tra.DP)

Financial Assistance to LKVIB to meet 100%


Grant:- Aid to promote traditional prog. of meera tapping/Jaggery/Local Surka/Vinegar etc./Book


iiiProduction of fancy items (Coir/Jute

6Providing Transport Subsidy to SSI units/ Human Resources Development Programme for Lakshadweep. (Tra.DP)

i Financial Assistance to 90% transport subsidy

ii Financial Assistance to 75% transport subsidy


7Civil works.

iConstruction/Modification work at all islands

8To expand Small Scale/Medium Scale Industries with infrastructural facilities in Lakshadweep islands (New Scheme)

iIntroduce two shift system in all the fibre industries

For quality production of brown fibre and to enhance value added product with

providing all infrastructural facilities in a phased


Supply & Materials (i.e. Raw materials for factory


iv Wages for piece rate workers engaged by the  
9 Establishment of Handicraft Training Centers.  
  (New Scheme)    
i Setting up of Handicraft Training Centers    
  Provide Infrastructure facilities with    
ii workers in a piece rate system etc    
X PORT LIGHT HOUSES & SHIPPING 17000.00 65028.93
1 Augmentation of ship to shore transport facility.  

iProcurement of passenger boats/launches

iiProcurement of Dumb barges/Tugs

iiiProcurement of mooring boats

ivProcurement of Communication equipments

vManning of departmental marine crafts

2Procurement of ships for Lakshadweep service

iAcquisition of 700 pax ship

iiAcquisition of 250 pax ship

iiiAcquisition of multipurpose high speed ferry

ivAcquisition of 400 pax ship

vAcquisition of landing barges

viAcquisition of Oil barge

viiAcquisition of LPG Ship

viiiAcquisition of training ship

3Development of Marine Workshop and repair facilities.

iProcurement of machineries/equipments

iiConstruction of repair yard

4 Development of harbour facilities
i Procurement of mooring buoy

iiProcurement of channel marker buoys

iiiBerthing/foreshore facilities

ivModification of jetties/installation of tressles

vSlit Clearance

viHydrographic survey

viiNavigational aids


5 Training in rating
i Pre-sea training in rating

iiPre-sea Officers training deck/engine

iiiProviding of sea service

6Port Light Houses and Shipping

iProviding of incentives for expansion of tonnage


iiProviding of navigational aids.

7Augmentation of dedicated births and terminal facilities at mainland and islands.

iDedicated berth and terminal facilities at Kochi ii Dedicated berth at Beypore/Azhikkal

8Extension/construction of airstrips and operation of daily flights by airlines.

iConstruction of mini airstrips

iiExtension of Agatti airport

iiiAcquisition of helicopter (N)

ivEstablishment of night landing facility in the helipads

vProcurement of navigational and fueling equipments

9Civil works.

i Development of terminal facilities

iiModification of Port Office building

iiiConstruction of godown/AFS Stores

  Payment of AMC on Fax/Copiers/UPS 2.50 17.50
XI Road & Transport 8.20 41.00

1Implementation of Motor Vehicle Acts & Rules in Lakshadweep (New scheme)

iConstruction of Office building (N)

iiProcurement of equipments(N)

iiiManpower (N)

Awareness Programme on Road Safety and

2Traffic Rules (new scheme)

iProcurement of training aids and teaching aids (N)

iiHonorarium (N)

iiiRefreshment charge (N)

XII ROADS & BRIDGES 250.00 2060.40
1 Constrn.of rural roads in Lakshadweep.    

iConstruction of C.C. Roads in Lakshadweep Islands

  ii Widening / Resurfacing of main CC Roads    
  Science Awareness, Science    

1Education & Popularization

iConducting of seminars/Exhibition

iiCelebration of Science Day/Technology Day

iiiTraining/Miss. Expenditure


iv Science Tour

vTraining on traditional navigation

viStrengthening of science club/green corps students participation in Science Congress

viiAwards to Local ST Students

viiiSponsoring of Geographical /Science Channels Conducting various training Programme related to agriculture, Fisheries and Eco Friendly Tourism for local people with locally available resources in

ixcollaboration with LDCL

2Special Research & Development

iFish Aggregation Device

iiIDA & Other studies

iiiSatellite data on Potential Fishing Zone

ivRemote Sensing cell/GIS awareness Programme for Students

vSanitation providing low cost Bio Toilet/ Establishment

of Sewage Treatment

viExperimental Management on solid Waste/Setting up of incinerators/

Financial assistance to LKVIB / Panchayat

viiFinancial Assistance to Lakshadweep coral monitoring Network (LCRM

Co-ordination of installation of Desalination Plant/

viiiAppropriate Desalination Technology for Bitra Water conservation Management/ Financial

ixassistance to LIWAM project

xResearch Vessel for coral Reef and other studies

xiPurchase of four-wheeler / Two wheeler vehicle (N)

Strengthening of Scientific Laboratory/

Library/Lakshadweep Pollution Control

3Committee(New Scheme included)

iPurchase of equipments /chemicals for lab

Monitoring of important Meteorological/

iiEnvironmental oceanographic parameters Implementation of Pollution control

iiirules/remuneration to project staff (N)

ivCollection of literature

vTraining / Awareness Programme

Strengthening of Science & Technology

4Museum and Cyber Cafe

Cost of specimen equipment for Museum / i Planetarium(N)

iiPrinting & Publication

iiiCost of Chemical / Miscellaneous

ivComputer accessories/ rent of building

vFinancial Assistance to S&T counsel

viBuilding and Land Rant


Strengthening of Science & Technology

Entrepreneur Development Programme (New


Conducting various programme related to agriculture, fisheries

& eco friendly Tourism in collaboration with LDCL and other

iGov.Dept/Panchayath Raj Institutions

Setting up of Entrepreneur Development Programme such as Tailoring

units in all islands in association with Village


iiiSetting up of IT Centers

ivSeminar /Workshops on S & T Entrepreneur /Development Programme

6Civil Works

Construction of Museum and Planetarium at

i Kavaratti

iiConstruction of Directorate building at Kavaratti

iiiModification of Laboratory building at Kalpeni (N)

ivConstruction of Zonal Office building at Agatti, Amini,

  Chetlat and Minicoy (N)    
  Construction of Building for Installing Incinerator in    
v Islands (N)    
1 Environment protection & awareness    
i Environment Month    

iiSea shore plantation

iiiCleaning programme

ivBooks and Literature

vWildlife week

viPosters & Pamphlets

viiWorld Envt. Day

viiiInternational Ozone day

ixWild life tour

xAwareness programme

Scientific management of Bio-degradable & non

2biodegradation waste.

iCollection & disposal of Non Bio Degradable waste ii Procurement/replacement of Waste bins

iii Running & Maintenance of power tiller

ivProcurement of Tempo Van

3Corals, wild life & Lagoon conservation.

iProc. Of Computer/Fax

iiProc. Of Speed boat

iiiLagoon cleaning

ivProcurement of Communication equipment


vRunning & Maintenance of boats

viProcurement of Maruthi Gypsy/ Motor vehicles

viiProcurement of under water Camera

viiiProcurement of snorkels

ixProcurement of binocular

x Procurement of LDC protection    
4 Social Forestry 18.00 114.50
i Fencing materials    

iiRegeneration of Agro Vegetation

iiiMarine green belt

ivLabour strength

5Civil Works (New Scheme)

Purchase of Land & Construction of Directorate of

i Environment & Forest (N)

Purchase of Land & Construction of Conference

iiHall cum Guest House (N)

iiiPurchase of Land & Construction of Unit offices (N)


1Strengthening of planning machinery



iiiPlan Meeting

ivLabour (Wage)

vProcurement of Vehicles and maintenance.

viSetting up of Library Unit for Planning & Statistics


1Estt. of a UT level Statistical Setup

iFurniture, equipment and stationeries

iiPrinting of forms & publications

iiiStudies, Surveys, Seminars and Workshops


2Establishment of EDP Centre

iPurchase of IT tools

ii Imparting of Training    
XVII TOURISM 3000.00 75398.97
  Infrastructure and Human Resources    
1 Development    
i Posting of Staff    

iiProcurement of WSI

iiiGlass Bottom Boats

ivKayaks single

vKayaks Double

viProcurement of Health club equipments

viiTraining of Personals

viiiPreparation of Projects

ixMinor Works

2Tourism marketing


i Printing of Publication materials

iiAudio Video CD for Publicity

iiiFairs & Festivals

iv Beach Beautification (N)    
v Training aboard      
  Opening of more islands for international


iLease Rent/Acqi

  Tourism Policy to be finalized and formulation of
ii Master Plan    
  Public private participation in tourism (New
4 Scheme)    
  Releasing of grant to the Educated youth for setting
i up of shops (N)    
  Construction of GBB/Local boats /Jahadoon/WSI


iiiGrant in aid to Sports (N0

5Strengthening of Tourist transport

Procurement of a dedicated cruise ship for tourist i (N)

iiProcurement of tourist boat (N)

iiiPurchase of Helicopters (N)

6Civil Works under Tourism

i Office building for the department of Tourism (N)

iiConstruction of Health Club at Agatti Civil works for augmentation of tourism

iiiinfrastructure at various islands

  Metrology) 6.20 382.80
  Establishment of Standard Laboratories (New    
1 Scheme)    
i Testing taxi meter    

iiTesting Storage tank (N)

iiiTesting Petroleum products

ivSecondary Std. Lab. (N)

vWorking Std. Labs (N)

2Augmentation of field activities(New Scheme)

Two wheelers

Lap Top Computers & Accessories (N)

3Strengthening of Enforcement Activities

Establishment Transportation facilities (N)

Construction of office cum laboratory for



  Setting up of Public Weighing Booth (New
5 Scheme)
i Equipments
ii Weighing Booths



Assistance for setting up of weights and

6measures repair shops

Financial Assistance

Implementation of Consumer Protection Acts &

7Consumer Awareness Programme

Celebrations Meetings Staff

Providing Infrastructure to Consumer For a

8(New Scheme)

Cont. of office and Court Hall for SC & DF (N) law library (N)

Information, Education and Communication

9(IEC) strategy(New Scheme)

Conference Hall (N) Publicity materials (N)

Computer/ LCD projector/movie camera/Laptop (N)

Information centre (N)

10Consumer Welfare Activities (New Scheme)

Consumer Welfare Fund (N) Consumer Clubs (N)

1 Early child hood care and education    
  Supply of materials to like play materials desk,    
i bench, writing materials etc,    

iiIn-service Training Course

iiiGrant in Aid to Panchayath (post)

ivSupply of Uniforms

vBooks for LKG, UKG.

viTA/DA/LTC etc (Grant in Aid to Panchayath

2Primary Education

i Supply of Materials to School

iiIn-service Training Course of batch of 25 Teachers

iiiMerit Scholarship

ivRent of Building

vConduct of Common Annual Exam

viGrant in Aid to Panchayath.

viiSupply of Uniforms

viiiState scheme for SSA as Grant.

Community information Centes of Vidhya Vahini- State share to meet the salary expense of 30 CIC operators at the rate of Rs. 1000/- PM in the first year and 2000/-pm in second year and so on up to

ix5000/- pm month in the fifth year (N)

Secondary Education (pre-vocationalisation of


i In-service Training Course ( A Minimum of 25


teachers in a Batch).

iiPurchase of Bench, Desk, books, stationery etc.

iiiScience Exhibition/Merit Scholar ship exam.

ivSupply of Uniforms

vPosts (Salary)

viComputer Education

viiSupply of Materials for DIET

viiiHonorarium to contract Teachers

4Senior Secondary School Education CBSE

  In-service Training Course (1Course consisting of a
i Minimum of 25 teachers).      
  Supply of Materials like Bench,Desk,books, Writing
  materials laboratory articles 9 Nos duplicating

iimachine etc for 9 Senior Secondary Schools.

iiiSupply of Uniforms to Plus 2 school students.

ivIn-service Training Course (1Course consisting of a Minimum of 25 teachers).

vSupply of Materials like Bench,Desk,books, Writing materials laboratory articles 9 Nos duplicating machine etc for 9 Senior Secondary Schools.

viSupply of Uniforms to Plus 2 school students.

Procurement FAX machine for the purchase wing

Academic wing, scholar ship wing and accounts

viisection in the Directorate

Procurement of Photostat machine for Academic

viiiwing, Scholarship wing

Functioning of EDUSAT programme and supply of

ixmaterials required (N)

5University and Higher Edn.

  Supply of materials including Fax and two
i computer for Academic wing  
  Conduct of Medical and Engineering examination

iiincluding Printing of Various forms for Higher study Bringing of three Degree Colleges under U.T.


ivCreation of necessary posts (N)

6Social and adult edn.

iGrant in Aid to Panchayath

7Civil Works

Construction of one each new Nursery school

ibuilding in each island (N)

iiConstruction of Building for Polytechnic Institute (N)

iiiReconstruction of Nursery School at kalpeni

ivReconstruction with Vertical expansion of J.B.School, Kalpeni

vReconstruction with Vertical expansion of S.B..School,(Girls) Kalpeni

Reconstruction of South of J.B.School, Kiltan with.

viVertical expansion


Reconstruction with vertical expansion to Girls High

viischool at Andrott.

Construction of building under Senior Secondary


Construction of buildings under university and

ixHigher Education

Grant in Aid to NGO’s Madrassas for Starting

8aided Schools

iTo open Aided School of LKG and UKG

To open Aided Primary School under Private


iiiTo open Aided Secondary School

9Technical Education (New Scheme)

iEstablishment of Polytechnic Institute (N)

Cost of Machineries ,equipments and other

iinecessary materials

iiiPurchase of Bench, Desk, books, stationery etc Purchase of Laboratory articles including Chemicals

ivfor 5 trades

vPurchase of computer

  Sports & Youth Services    
i Inter J.B.Meet    


iiiParticipation in National level coaching Camps

ivAnnual Day Sports

vSupply of Sports articles to Schools

viConduct of Youth Festival

viiNational/U.T Celebration

viiiIncentives for Athletics

ixLand acquisition

xMaintenance of play ground

xiU.T level Tournaments

xiiGrant in aid to sports council

xiiiOffice Expense like stationary/News paper etc

xivEstablishing of 30 volley ball ground in 30 wards

XXI ART & CULTURE 80.00 818.00
  Expansion of library services running &  
1 maintenance of library automation.    
i Repair/renovation/furnishing of SCL /Secrtt.Libry.  
  Supply of Computers/Equip etc to SCL/SL/PLS  


iiiSupply of Books & Publications to SCL/SL/Pls

ivSupply of Library requisites and furniture to LCL/SL & Directorate

vEstablishment of Information Centres in the Islands

viRepair/renovation/furnishing of SCL /public Library

2Preservation ,Promotion & Dissemination of

  Tribal Culture  
i Dissemination & Interaction of Culture  
ii Grant In Aid to Panchayath Raj Institutions  
  Remuneration of Folk dance instructor working

iiiunder the PRIs

ivDocumentation of Folk Arts & Tradition

vSetting up of Museum at Minicoy

Repair/Maintenance & construction of 3rd phase of vi Golden jubilee Museum/Directors

Construction of Town hall Culture Centers in all


Grant-in-aid to Governmetal ,Non Governmental

3Organizations for promoting Art & Culture

iGrant - in - Aid to LSKA

iiGrant - in - Aid to LSRC

iiiGrant - in - Aid to NGOs/Vos

1 Expansion of Primary health care facilities.    
i M & E    


iiiHonorarium(Tele. Med. Techni.)

ivConstruction of FAC at Suheli

vConstruction of Sub Centres

viExpansion & Modification of PHC Buildings

viiAcqu. of Land

2Expansion & modernisation of Hospitals/CHCs.

i M & E

iiCT Scanner

iiiMedical Ambulance Van with all fittings

ivVehicle for transportation of doctors(IGH)

vConstruction of New Medical Directorate

Cont. of Transits Accommodation for patients and

viescorts( Kavaratti, Mini, And. Amini, Agt) Construction of Residential quarters for SN and


viiiRe construction of IGH

ixBeautification of Hospitals

xAcqu. of Land

3Strengthening of public health activities.

Purchase of Insecticides and other public health


4 Procurement & supply of medicines &
  equipments to PHCs.CHCs/Hospitals.

iPurchase of Medicines ii Purchase of Diet

5Training and continuing education

iTraining to Medical Officers

ii Training to Para Medical Staff

6 Financial Assistance to the poor Psychiatric
  patients of Lakshadweep
i Reservation of Ward

iiFinancial Asst to Patients

7Financial assistance to evacuated patients for specialised treatment at mainland. (New Scheme)

i No of Patients to be evacuated by ship (N)

No of Patients to be evacuated by arranging

iispecial sortie Helicopter (N)

No of Patients to be evacuated by Indian Airlines


8Setting up of Public Health Laboratory (New Scheme)

iMachinery & Equipments

9Providing of Multi purpose High speed Ambulance Boat (New Scheme)

iAcquisition of Purchase of High Speed Boat (N)

10 Bio waste Management Unit (New Scheme)
i Machinery & Equipments (N)

11IGH converted in to Super specialty Hospital

iMachinery & Equipments (N)

1 Providing drinking water supply in  
  water supply scheme in islands a. C/o Over head    
  Sump, Pump House Well etc.. b. Extension/    
  of existing pipe lines. c. Providing of House    
i connection in islands        
  Installation of sea water Desalination Plants (LTTD)  

iiin all islands.

iiiAugmentation/ setting up LTTD Plant at Kavaratti

ivCommunity/ Individual rain water harvesting structure

vUpgradation of Water Quality Testing Lab Kvt to State Level Lab.

2Sewage Disposal and Control of Water Pollution in Lakshadweep Islands.

i Construction of sewage treatment plant  
XXIV HOUSING 1200.00 7298.80
1 Public Administration bldg.  
i C/o multi storied buildings for Govt. servants.  
ii C/o of transit accommodation at Kochi  
iii C/o transit accommodation at Calicut.  
iv C/o transit accommodation at Mangalore.  
v C/o transit accommodation Nedumbassery at  



viLakshadweep Building Development Board

viiEstablishment of housing board.

2Lakshadweep building development board.

1 Development of Kavaratti - Capital of  
  Lakshadweep & other major islands.    
  Beautification of islands by developing basic  
i infrastructures    
ii Construction of New Secretariat complex.  
  Construction of Town hall & U.T.Guest house at  


ivConstruction of public buildings for administration

as decided by the higher
authorities then and there  

vCreation of Quality control Wing.

viEstablishment under Urban development


1Strengthening of Information Centres

iProcurement of Audio Visual Equipments

Participation in Fairs and Festivals ,video coverage

iiand documentation

iiiTraining for staff

ivProcurement of computer, CD,LCD Projector, Plasma TV and accessories, cassettes, Photo Album

vVehicles for field Officers

2Publication Wing

iPublication of Lakshadweep Times Daily

iiPrinting of Dairy and Calendar

iiiOther Publicity Materials

3Civil works

Office building for the Dept. of Information &


iiModification of existing Information units

  Incentive Aid to local ST Candidates for    
  appearing test /interview at main land /island    
1 and pre-recruitment training    

iInterview/Test at Mainland

iiInterview/Test at Island

iiiPre - Recruitment training

2Vocational guidance to Employment seekers

iProviding Vocational Guidance to Employment seekers

iiPurchase of Four wheeler/Ac/Photo stat machine & Publicity materials

3 Computerization of Index cards of Employment



i Procurement of Hard ware & Computerization

iiExpansion of Building of employment Exchange for automation

4Over seas Employment (New Scheme)

i Providing Grant In -Aid to the society (N)

Opening of coaching centre for competitive exam

5(New Scheme)

iGrant - In - Aid (N)

Upgradation and Expansion of Industrial

6training Institute


Maintenance & Equipments

setting up of Labour enforcement wing (New


iBuilding (N)

iiInfrastructure(Computer,photocopier cum fax,fourniture etc) (N)


1Bal Udyan & Recreation Centre.

iLand Compensation/Rent on Lease.

iiC/O Park

iiiGrant to Panchayath for operation of Park

ivProcurement of Two wheeler for probation Officer

Grant to Lakshadweep Council for child welfare and providing accommodation for Anganwad,

2Creche centre.

1Financial Assistance to meet the establishment Charges of LCCW/LSSWB

iPre- School equipment to anganwadi/creches and Balawadies/Rent to LSSWB/creches and Balwadies

iiproviding Grant - in - Aid to DP for the Payment og additional Honorarium to Angawadi workers/Helpers and creches workers

iiiConstruction / Establishment of Modern anganwadi in all Islands

ivGrant - In - Aid to Boarder area Project

3Women welfare Programmes

iFinancial Assistance to Panchayath raj Institution for promoting women welfare activities

  Women welfare Organizing of awareness camps
4 in islands  
i Seminar on women and Child welfare /Incentive
  inter caste marriage  

iiNational social Asst.Programme

iiiVehicle -Four/two wheeler

ivRepair & maintenance Of WWH at Kavaratti

  Implementation of PWD Act /National Policy for
  person with disabilities and Aid to handicapped
5 persons

iCost of artificial Limps/wheel chair/tricycle, hearing aids

ii Specialised treatment of disabled persons at mainland with one escort

iiiNPRPD Programme Construction of KIOSKs in 9 Islands

ivImplementation of national Policy of persons with disabilities GIA to 9 Islands and Extension of insurance to handicapped persons in all islands

vImplementation of PWD Act 1995 /extension of insurance to handicapped person

Pension to old destitute, widows, abandoned ladies, physically handicapped and mentally

6retarded persons.

iPension to old aged widows disabled due to physically /mental illness etc.( Old beneficiaries New beneficiaries to be involved)

7Grant-in-aid to Lakshadweep Hajj Committee.

iGrant - in aid to Lakshadweep state Haj committee

XXIX NUTRITION     65.30 377.50
1 Implementation of Special Nutrition Programme  
i Mid - day meals        
ii Supplementary Nutrition under ICDS,women  
  component Plan (WCP) Gender Budgeting(GIA) to  
iii National programme for adolescent girls (NPAG)  
  Modernization of Head Quarter and Unit  


iTraining in-service candidate

iiAmenities to employees

iiiRaw Materials

ivAir conditioning Government Press

vRepair & Maintenance

viDTP System with Printer

viiDigital Scanner cum Printer

viiiSmall Machineries for section

ixPhoto copies

xBinding Machine

xiWeb Offset

xiiFolding Machine

xiiiCutting Machine

xivIBM Computer with Laser Printer

xvSimultaneous Publication of LT from daily

xviSingle Colour Offset Machine


xviiMini Offset

xviiiTime Clock

xixImage setter

2Civil Works

Construction Cycle Shed store, compound wall etc

ifor Headquarter Press

iiAcquisition of land and building from Agatti unit Acquisition of land and construction of building for

iiipress unit Amini

ivConstruction of Ist floor Mahal Press Minicoy Reconstruction of existing Govt. building occupied

vby unit Press Kalpeni, Kiltan and Chetlat

XXXI Protection & Control) 780.00 6679.82
1 Fire Protection & Control    

1Skill upgradation

iSetting up of Common Service Centres

iiImplementation of e-literacy Programme

iiiSetting up of IT Training centre

ivSetting up of Inter National IT Convention centre

vHiring of trained manpower

viPreparation of Training tools

viiConducting of seminars/exhibition

viiiEnchantment of Infrastructure in Educational Institutes at Lakshadweep

ixOne PC per family

Grant - in - Aid to Lakshadweep IT Services Society

2Enhancement of Data Communication facilities, Office Automation and Software Development

Setting up of e-Governance infrastructure in

iAdministration Office

Setting up of Video Conferencing facilities in all the


iiiSetting up of state wide Area Network

ivExtension of Internet connection to all offices and Houses in Lakshadweep

vDevelopment of Application Software

viSetting up of HAM Radio services for Communication during Disaster

viiLakshadweep institute for e-governance

viiiGrant - in - Aid to Lakshadweep IT Services Society

3Introduction of Citizen Identity / Ration Cards

iProcurement of ICT tools

iiConducting of surveys

iiiPreparation of cards

ivGrant - in - Aid to Lakshadweep IT Services Society

4 Management of Administration Portals


i Creation/Modification of Web portals

iiCreation/Modification of Internet Portals

iiiCreation/Modification of Educational Portal

5Administrative Setup

i Administrative e - Expenses

iiTraveling Expenses

iiiGrant - in - Aid to Lakshadweep IT Services Society

ivAMC for maintenance of ICT Tools of the Department /administration

XXXIII POLICE   888.73 4168.92
1 Modernisation of Police Force.    
i Marine Force      
ii Land Acquisition (New)    
iii Housing (New)    
iv Coastal Police (New)    
    GRAND TOTAL 40211.59 249550.00