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All the inhabited Islands including Bangaram have been electrified by the end of Sixth Five Year Plan. The Electrification of the Island began in 1962. Minicoy was the first Island electrified in 1962. Though all the Islands except Bitra were electrified by end of the Fourth Five Year Plan,only limited hours of Power supply were provided. Uninterepted power supply had been provided round the clock through out Lakshadweep by the middle of the Sixth Five Year Plan.

The Power supply is mainly through diesel generating sets. During 1997-98 power generation has been reached the level of 18396089 KWH. Installed capacity has been increased from 5270 KW to 8120 KW.One 25 KWp and one 10 KWp solar power plant has been commissioned at Bitra and Bangaram. A 50 KWp solar power plant is under installation at Kadmat. One 100KW grid interactive SPV power plant will bw installed at Kiltan. 80 KW wind electric generater will be installed at Kavaratti and Agatti. One 200 KW capacity Biomas gasifier plant for generating elecricity has been proposed to be installed at Kavaratti Island. One each solar copra driers is also proposed to install at Kavaratti, Amini and Andrott Island.