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  Anti Sea Erosion  

         An expert committee constituted in 1986 to study the phenomenon of sea erosion has recommended that a total of 9600 metres sea shore is required to be protected immediately and suggested cost effective pilots schemes. The committee further identified in February 1989 that another 1800 metres sea shore was severely affected by wave action and recommended to the Administration to urgently take up measures to prevent further erosion. Erosion being a continuous phenomenon, further length of about 11400 metres have been identified after the committee's visit. Thus the total length of 21000 metres has been identified as affected by erosion. Upto 1991-92, Now again it is noticed that erosion is taking place in new area aslo every year. Thus and addtional leangth of 13 Km protected work in new area is anticipated. Out of the 35800 metre effected area 23217 metre was covered upto 1997-98.