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       Agriculture : Agriculture in the territory is based almost entirely on coconut cultivation. There are about 660150 trees in all the islands. Owing to coverage in pest control,fertiliser application,the production of copra has increased to a considerable extent.

Animal Husbandry:-

In the Animal Husbandry Sector thefarmers enjoy largesse for cattle farming,poultry keeping and goat rearing. Cattle / Poultry feed are distributed on subsidy. The Regional Poultry Farm established in the VIth Five Year Plan cater to the needs of the people to a certain extent. There are two Dairy Farms and Seven Poultry Demonstration Units in the islands. One each hatchery unit is functioning at Kavaratti, Amini, Minicoy and Andrott. 601 deep litter units are available in various islands. 1000 Nos. good breedable goats, 20006 layer brids and 37000 broiler chicks were distributed among the interested farmers during 1994-95. Milk and egg production has reached the level of 760 MT and 47 lakhs numbers during 1994-95 respectively. This includes 18 MT milk and 2 lakh eggs produced in the private sector.

Social Welfare:-The Social Welfare Development Programme began with effect from 1977 aimed at bringing the people to the level of the neighbouring states with implementation of various central and social welfare programmes. There are 12 balwadies managed by the Sub-Committee with a financial assistance of State Social Welfare Advisory Board. Financial assistance to 390 destitutes was given till 31st December, l995.

ICDS Programme: In the Integrated Child Development Scheme there are 67 Anganwadies working to improve the nutritional status of the vulnerable group with implementation of non-formal education for pre-school children. There are 13 Mahilasmajams. One Central Library and nine Reading Room-Cum-Libraries are serving in the Territory.

Special Nutrition Programme: Under the special Nutrition Programme about 8692 children and 2615 mothers are getting benefits.

NAEP: Consequent on the adoption of total literacy campaign approach at the national scenario in the place of traditional centre based approach for the eradication of illiteracy, the implementation strategy is being changed. However, female centres with 952 learners have functioning under NAEP in 1994-95.

Consumer Protection Council: In order to promote and protect the interest of consumers, a Consumer Protection Council has been setup. State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission and District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum have been established for speedy and inexpensive redressal of consumer grievances. During 1994-95 no appeal/complaints were received by State Commission. The District Forum received four complaints and disposed three of them during 1994-95.

Ship Wrecks: Several ship wrecks were reported close to Minicoy, Shuheli, Kalpeni, Andrott, Kiltan and Kadmat Islands. To warn the ships sailing on the International routes Light houses have been constructed in all the above islands except Kadmat. Navigational aid and other facilities are provided by the Lakshadweep Harbour Works through their area plan.

Wireless stations and Post Offices are available in all the Islands. Nine Telelphone Exchanges and Six Satellite Earth Stations are existing in Lakshadweep.

Two meteorological observatories one each at Minicoy and Amini are functioning. They make observations of growth and intensity of storm in the south east Arabian sea. Important scientific Research Stations like Indian Council of Agricultural Research Complex established in 1975-'76 at Minicoy take up multi-discipline culture, manurial intercropping and germ plasm research programmes.

On the advice of the Minimum Wage Advisory Board constituted under Minimum Wages Act 1948, the existing minimum wage rate has been revised for the different categories of workers in the scheduled employment from time to time since 21st December,l983. The present minimum wage rate is Rs. 30 per day. However the Minimum Wage Advisory Board under the chairmanship of Shri M.P.Cheriya Koya has recommended to give the minimum wage plus variable Dearness Allowance based on Consumer Price Index number of Lakshadweep.

Labour and Employment: There were about 8682 persons the live register of the District Employment Exchange on 31st March,1995, which is now fully computerised. An Industrial Training Institute was established in 1989 at Kavaratti,which offers training on Stenography and cutting and tailoring for matriculates and carpentry for non matriculates. The course on cutting and tailoring is exclusively for girls.

Consumer price index number for the year 1995 of this U.T is 393 (Base 1975 = 100)

MPLAD SCHEME: An amount of Rs.255 lakhs have been released for implementation of programmes under MPLAD scheme in Lakshadweep during the period of 1993-96. Under the scheme, Citizen band radio to fishing boats and motorised sailing vessels have been issued to help them to call for help in times of distress. Mini computors are being provided to educational institutions to train the students in Computor Science under the scheme. There is already a proposal to construct multipurpose complexes in Andrott island to cater the needs of locals for marriage/ other functions etc.