The 5th National Minicoy Fest 2016 is scheduled to be celebrate on 27th & 28th December, 2016
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     The National Minicoy Fest is held every year to showcase rich traditional and culture of Lakshadweep in general and unique culture of Minicoy Island in particular. The fest is held in Minicoy Island and it has a unique culture amidst a biding unity. Minicoy, the southernmost Island in the union territorry of Lakshadweep, is different from all other Islands in the UT. The Island has a unique culture and the people speak 'Mahal' a dialect of 'Dhivehi' the national language of the Republic of Maldives. Minicoy is famous of boat building and seafares tradition. The 'Jahaadhoni' the colorful and elegant race boat, a masterpiece of indigenous craftmanship, showcases the glorious past, people's unity and the vibrant life under the traditional village system that need to be protected and projected. The first Prime Minister's Rolling trophy boat race was organised in the year 2009. Since then Minicoy Fest and Prime Minister's rolling boat race are organised as an annual event. As declared in the closing ceremony of Minicoy Fest 2011, the colorful event was suitably renamed as 'NATIONAL MINICOY FEST' in consideration of its significance as a programme for promoting national unity and integration in addition to rejuvenating the unique culture and tradition of the Mahal speaking community.

Jala Mela
(Aquatic Show)
Lava Dance