10o-51*North Lattitude 72o longitude,
located 459 kms, from Cochin.



Land Area:

3.84 sq.Kms.
6 Kms long and 1000 mts wide.


The climate of the island is hot when compared to the islands in the rest of the group

A Glance:

In AGATTI coral growths and multicoloured coral fishes abount in its lagoons. Fishing is the most important industry of AGATTI which is perhaps the only island besides Minicoy getting surplus fish. Next to Fishing, Coir and Copra are the main industries . AGATTI is the AirPort stopover from Cochin and Goa on the way to Bangaram which can be seen on the northern horizon.Agatti Offers fully Furnished resorts managed by a private entrepreneur.The main attraction at the resorts is the water sport facilities.A medical centre with qualified Doctors functions at AGATTI

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