Important Achievements.


1.  Established Regional Hatchery at Kavaratti on 05.06.2000 with 13500-egg   capacity Incubator and same upgraded as Central Hatchery with 21000 egg capacity incubator during 2002. Besides Central Hatchery, Department established five 7500 capacity Hatcheries in the islands of Agatti, Amini, Androth, Kalpeni and Minicoy during 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. Two more hatcheries being set up in the islands of Kadmath and Kiltan during current year.


2.  Established Slaughter House at Kavaratti on 28.4.2001 to ensure supply of clean and fresh meat from single window. Proposed to extend this facility to other islands shortly .


3. Established Parent Stock Rearing units at five major islands namely Kavaratti, Amini, Androth, Minicoy and Agatti to provide sufficient hatching eggs for production of chicks from islands it self.


4. Conducted communication campaign and Awareness campaigns with special Emphasis to Rinderpest Eradication, Anthrax, Avian Influenza and FMD. 


5. Farmers tour being conducted annually for progressive farmers as part of extension education.


6. Organized Farmers Training programmes in three islands every year as part of technology transfer.


7. Introduced Low input Back Yard Poultry during 2002 and proved good results and set up 6242 back yard poultry during 2003-2004.


8. Introduced back yard Duckery during 2001-2002 and set up 625 units during 2003-2004.


9.  Declared Awards for out standing Farmers in the filed of poultry and goat development.


10.  Computerized Animal Husbandry Field Units under centrally sponsored scheme.


11.  Ensured regular feed supply through out the year.


12. Ensured supply of life saving medicines and vaccines to save sick and suffering animals.


13. Met milk and egg requirements of the hospitalized patients through out the year.


14. Egg production and milk production reached the level of 110.10 Lakhs and 1043.43 MT during the end of 2003-2004.


15. Produced 1, 57, 312 Nos of chicks during 2003-04 from various Hatcheries.


16.Established 500 backyard quail units.