Aims and Responsibility


         The Department is responsible for matters relating to livestock production, preservation, protection and improvement of stock and dairy development. Formulation of programmes and policies, preservation and protection of livestock through provision of better health cover, liaison with other periphery units and Ministries for implementation of various programs and policies including conduct of periodical surveys and livestock census. The aims of Animal Husbandry are:


1.    Evolution of schemes and to encourage farmers to take up the poultry and other livestock based activities for augmenting production of egg, meat and milk.


2.    Effective control of animal diseases, especially zoonotic diseases through treatment, screening of animals, vaccination, public awareness programmes and quarantine measures.


3.    Hygienic meat production through meat inspection and  construction of modern slaughterhouses.


4.    Effective implementation of breeding policy.


5.    Transfer the latest technical know-how in animal husbandry and


6.    Capacity building of technical and statistical staffs.