Citizen Charter

(Revised & up dated as on 01.09.2009)

Animal Husbandry Department


1. Aims :-

            The Department is responsible for matters relating to livestock production, preservation, protection and improvement of stock and dairy development, formulation of programmes and policies preservation and protection of livestock through provision for better health cover, liaison with other periphery units and Ministries including conducting of periodical surveys and livestock census. Implementation of various Centrally Sponsored Schemes and RKVY Programme in all the Islands. To keep Lakshadweep free from the threat of any out break of contagious and infectious diseases and to provide free veterinary health services at the farmers door.

2. Objectives:-

i.         Evolve schemes and encourage farmers to take up poultry and other livestock based activities to augment production of eggs, meat and milk.

ii.       Effective control of animal diseases especially zoonotic diseases through treatment, vaccination and public awareness programs.

iii.      Hygienic meat production through meat inspection.

iv.     Transfer of latest scientific technical know-how in animal husbandry to the farmers.

v.       Capacity building of technical and statistical staff.

vi.     Setting up of large scale Dairy, Goat, Layer & Broiler Units under private sector with the support of department.

3. Details of business transacted by the organization:-

 i.   Sales of farm produce.

ii.   Sales/distribution of farm inputs and farm equipments.

iii. Treatment of sick and suffering animals.

iv. Extension activities.

v. Implementation of developmental plan schemes, Centrally Sponsored Scheme

    including RKVY programme.  




vi. Present sales rate under the Department.





Per one

Rs. 1.80


Per liter

Rs. 20.00

Broiler ( Undressed )

Per Kg

Rs. 50.00

Broiler ( Dressed)

Per Kg

Rs. 60.00




(i) Special Milk Ration

Per 50 Kg bag

Rs. 442.00

(ii) Chick Mash

 Per 50 Kg bag

Rs. 615.00

(iii) Grower Mash

Per 50 Kg bag

Rs. 526.00

(iv) Layer Mash

Per 50 Kg bag

Rs. 533.00

(v) Broiler Starter Mash

Per 50 Kg bag

Rs. 678.00

(vi) Broiler finisher Mash

Per 50 kg bag

Rs. 654.00


4. Details of clients: - Farmers, self help group and general public

5. Details of grievance redressal mechanism: - Creating customer friendly environment in the office to settle the public grievances. A separate committee has been constituted exclusively for public grievances redressal with following members at the HQ level.

            1.         Director (AH)

            2.         Asst. Director (Poultry)

            3.         VAS (Technical Assistant)

            4.         Statistician

            5.         Dealing Assistant concerned.

6.  Expectation from the client: - Greater public satisfaction with services   

7. Services provided to the common citizen/ client





Public Utilities

Time Limit



1. Continues supply of broiler & layer chicks and other diversified poultry species for breeding.

As per hatch out in each hatcheries.


Veterinary Hospital/Veterinary Clinics.

1. Treatment for ailing animals and


Through out the day.

  1. Prevention and control of diseases by continuous of vaccination programme.


Through out the year.

  1. Extension Management.



  1. Field Demonstration.


8 to 5 PM.

  1. Field Training.



  1. Pregnancy diagnosis.



7.  Disease Surveillance.

Through out the year.

8.  Emergency distokia  case.

As and when reported.


Poultry Farms/Poultry Demonstration Units

  1. Supply of birds for ( Layer /Broiler and other poultry species).


All days as per the availability of stock.

2.Supply of birds for meat.


Thrice a week ( 8 AM to 5 PM) if stock available.

  1. Supply of table eggs.



  1. Supply of feeds.




Dairy Farm

  1. Distribution of Milking animals.


Twice in a year as per availability of stock.

2.Supply of whole milk.


All days (Morning 6 to 6:30 and 4 to 4:30 in the evening .

3.Supply of  Milma Milk.

10 to 5 PM in all working days. 

4. Supply cattle feed through Panchayath.

Thrice a week 7:30 to 8:30 and 10 to 12:30 in the morning  and 2:30 to 3:30 in the evening.   


Boer Goat Farm

  1. Supply of offspring’s of Boer Goat for breeding.


Twice in a year according to the availability of stock.

2. Distribution improved varieties of breeding goat.

Once in a year according to the availability of stock .


Bull / Buck / Insemination Units.

  1. Natural Services to Cattle and Goats .


All working days from 8:30 to 12:30 and 2:30 to 5 PM.

2.Artificial insemination to cattles.



Slaughter House / Slaughter sites.

  1. Supply of hygienic meat .

7:30 to 12 Hrs according to the number of slaughter.

2. Anti - mortem examination.

7:30 to 12 Hrs according to the number of slaughter.

3. Meat inspection.

7:30 to 12 Hrs according to the number of slaughter.


Sub centers/ First aid centers.

  1. First aid treatment.


Through out the day.

2. Vaccination programme.


As per schedule & according to necessity.

3. Extension activities.



Parent stock units.

  1. Production of hatching eggs


 According to the availability of stock maintained .


Fodder Unit.

1. Production of fodder for farm use & sails.

Through out the year


Other Services.

  1. Assistance Deep litter sheds.


Once in a year through Panchayath.

2. Assistance for setting up of large scale poultry farm.


Once in a year after full filling conditions. .

3. Assistance for Cattle shed.


Through Panchayath.

4. Assistance for Goat shed.



5. Supply poultry utensils.


All working days from 10 to 5 PM , as per availability.



6.Adoption of quarantine check


Through out the year


Extension activities .

1.Award for best farmers.


Once in a year.

2.Study tour to Farmers.



3.Organizing of Farmers training programme.


Once in a year in three  islands. In this, farmers will be selected based on the involvement in livestock and poultry based  activities.  

4. Awareness Campaign.


Once in a year in all the islands.

5 Conducting of poultry Expos.


Once in a year in one of the islands.

 6. Meet the farmers for understanding of latest technical know how clearing doubts on general farming activities.

Every Saturday after noon at unit offices. In this respect the farmers having their problems on farming activities can be discussed and solved.



7. Need based campaign.

At appropriate period based on target allocation. This programme will be carried out mostly on ward basis, based on the target allocation involving farmers of that particular ward .



8. Animal Husbandry Seminar or specified subjects.

Programme will be conducted based on the need of the year/ species/ disease. Concept will be decided and experts from Ministries, Universities and such other Research Institutions will be invited for taking classes. Farmers will be selected based on their involvement in livestock and poultry based activities.


8. Assistance proposed to provide under RKVY scheme.

1. Dairy units consist of 5 cross breed cows in semi stall fed system to Self Help Groups.   

2. Goat Unit consists of 3 cross breed doe and one buck under semi stall fed system for

     BPL families.

3. Providing assistance to layer poultry farming who engaged in large scale/ intensive

    layer poultry rearing System (500 and above).

4. Providing assistants to broiler poultry farming who engaged in large scale/ intensive

    broiler poultry rearing system. (1000 and above)

    (*  Preference will be given  to layer farming)





Road Map for the Implementation of RKVY Programmes under the Department of  Animal Husbandry.


Selection Committee and Separate Cell in the Dept. constituted for the implementation of RKVY Programme in Islands.


I.                    Departmental Cell for Monitoring and Evaluation of RKVY Programmes.


  1. Assistant Director (Poultry)
  2. Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (Technical Assistant)
  3. Statistician / Statistical Investigator
  4. Statistical Investigator ( RKVY programme)


II.                  Island Level Selection Committee


  1. SDO/BDO/DC Minicoy & Agatti                             - Chairman
  2. Chairperson VDP of respective islands                 - Member
  3. Veterinary Assistant Surgeon / VAS i/c  Units       - Member (Secretary)



III.                Functions of RKVY Cell attached with Animal Husbandry Department.


a)     Formulation of programmes under RKVY

b)     Timely disposal of urgent nature Tappals received from GOI and the UT Administration under RKVY Programme.

c)      Scrutiny & recommendations of application received from various islands for approval.

d)     Monthly review of progress of RKVY programmes

e)     Collection & compilation of unit products to ensure the status of the unit.

f)        Submission of quarterly progress report on RKVY to the Director (AH)


IV.               Functions of Island Level Selection Committee


a)     Wide publicity of RKVY programme in respective islands.

b)     Examining of Applications & eligibility scrutiny.

c)      Forwarding of Applications to the Directorate of Animal Husbandry with all necessary documents & Certificates.

d)     Review & reporting of the progress of different units by VAS/VAS i/c.

e)     Encouraging of Farmers to set up large scale (500 and above birds) Layer Poultry Units.

V.                 Pre- Requisites for selecting  farmers under RKVY.


a)   Application forms should be properly filled without keeping any columns as 


b)   Cattle scheme, preference must be given to experienced Self Help Groups and

      Goat scheme to BPL families.                                           

 c) In poultry schemes, preference must be given to women entrepreneurs especially                  for setting up of large scale layer poultry units.      

d) Farmers/Self Help Groups must be produced an undertaking/ agreement in Non-Judicial Stamp paper costs Rs. 10/= (rupees ten) stating that:

(i)   Cattle/Goat/Poultry unit in which assistance provided will be continued            for a   minimum period of 5 years from its inception.

(ii) The stoppage/closure of the assisted units will be with valid reasons and with the prior concurrence of the Animal Husbandry Department authorities.

(iii) Monthly production/sales reports in the prescribed format will be submitted to the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon of respective Islands without fail.


VI.               Essential documents to be produced along with the Application.


a)     Under taking/ Agreement from farmers/ self help groups as stated in pre requisites.

b)     Ownership certificate of building or consent in writing from land owners for duration of 5 years.

c)      Evaluation certificate on building from PWD authority of respective islands.

d)     Soundness certificate from Veterinary Assistant Surgeon/VAS in-charge of respective Islands.


VII.             Instructions for submission of Application to Island Level Selection Committee.


a)     Application forms should be obtained from the VAS Unit/ Village (Dweep) Panchayath Office of the respective islands.

b)     Duly filled Application form should be submitted to the institution from where it has been obtained by the Applicant.

c)      Each column of the application should be filled properly without keeping any column as blank.

d)     Incomplete/ unsigned application will not be considered for providing assistance under the RKVY programme.

e)     Applications received by VAS Unit should be forwarded to Chairperson of Village (Dweep) Panchayath with covering letter specifying the name of applicants so as to examine by the Chairperson/Members of Village (Dweep) Panchayath.

f)        Applications received by the Village (Dweep) Panchayath along with the applications received from VAS Unit of respective Islands will be further examined by the Members of Village (Dweep) Panchayat under the chairman ship of Chairperson, Village (Dweep) Panchayath of respective islands and the same will be forwarded to VAS (Member Secretary) of the Selection Committee under intimation to Chairman (SDO/BDO/DC) of Island Level Selection Committee.         

g)     On receipt of all applications from the Chairperson of VDP, the VAS (Member Secretary) will coordinate with the Chairman, Island Level Selection Committee (SDO, BDO, DC) and Chairperson of VDP’s to convene the meeting of the Island Level Selection Committee in the office of the SDO/BDO/DC for final selection of beneficiaries of respective Islands. The list of beneficiaries selected by the Island Level Selection Committee along with their applications and other documents in original will be forwarded to the Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Kavaratti for further/final scrutiny of RKVY cell attached with the Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Kavaratti for sanction of scheme to farmers.

h)      The list of beneficiaries selected by the competent authority will be      communicated to the beneficiaries concerned and Island Level Selection       Committee of respective Islands for providing assistance under RKVY Scheme.     

i)        A Report indicating the form of assistance provided to selected farmers should be submitted by the VAS/ VAS in-charge of respective Islands to the Director of Animal Husbandry soon after the issuance of assistance under intimation to Chairperson of Island Level Selection Committee as well as Chairperson of Village (Dweep) Panchayat  in respective Islands.


9. Contact officers/ officials at island level.







Telephone/ Fax / e-mail








Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Kavaratti.

04896262084 (O) 04896262657 (R ).


Dr.Hussain Ouge.

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Minicoy.

04892222274 (O) and Fax, 04892222254 (R ).


Dr.Muhazin Pali.

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Androth.

04893232354 (O) and Fax, 04893232254 (R )



Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Amini.

04891273263 (O) and Fax, 04891273130 (R )



Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Agatti.

04894242221 (O) and Fax, 04894244537 (R )



Veterinary Assistant Surgeon.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Kadamath.

04897274237 (O) and Fax, 04897274537 (R )


Shri. B.Essakunhi.

Fodder Development Assistant.

Animal Husbandry Unit, Kiltan

04898272211 (O), 04898272208 (R )


Dr.Amir Shaik

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon..

Animal Husbandry Unit, Chethlath.

04899276208 (Office)




Veterinary First Aid Center, Bitra.







9. Authorities to be contacted against advice/ action of the units




 ( Animal Husbandry )

Directorate, Kavaratti

04896263028(O), 04896262645 ( R) 04896262193 (Fax) dahd-lkdir (e-mail)

2. Dr.M.P.Anvar.

Asst.Director (Poultry)


04896263033 (O), 04896262756 (R ) 04996262193 (Fax)


Technical Assistant.


04896263038(O), 04896262949 (R ) 04996262193 (Fax)

Shri.R.K.Pal, IAS

Secretary ( Animal Husbandry )



04896262256 (O)


2.04896263644 (R)





10. Special care/ Drive for the benefit of farming community.


  1. At head quarter island Kavaratti farmers will have a free access to meet Director (Animal Husbandry) and Assistant Director (Poultry)  on every day after noon 3.30 to 5 PM at office or even holidays at their residence for discussing/ seeking on any matter related to livestock and poultry based activities/ developments/ problems.
  2. Every year Department of Animal Husbandry organizing farmers training programme in three islands on routine basis for an interaction between the farmers and officers of the department and for discussing/seeking advice on any matters relating to livestock and poultry based activities/ developments/ problems.
  3. Director and Assistant Director will be visiting other islands on various purposes, during when their services can be utilized by livestock and poultry owners of that particular island.