Perspective plan


1. Establishment of hatcheries.


      In addition to Central hatchery, Kavaratti and other five  Hatcheries in various island , it is proposed to establish one each Hatchery unit at Kadmat ,Kiltan and Chetlat with 7500 egg capacity Incubator during 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 . These Hatcheries are the  backbone for the flooding the territory with eggs and poultry meat.


2. Backyard poultry units.


The department targeted to set up 7000 back yard poultry units during 2004-05.  This is an innovative programme to increase egg production to local households.  This system is economically viable since it grows with kitchen wastes.


3. Deep litter units.


It is proposed to establish 40 deep litter units of 50-500 capacities and ten Deep Litter units of above 500 capacities during 2004-2005. Besides Department is proposed to set up five large-scale Poultry units of 1000 and above capacity during 2004-2005 with the participation of Panchayath Raj Institutions.


4.  Strengthening of diversified activities.


Proposes to strengthen diversified activities of poultry among beneficiaries by establishing rearing units of duck, quail, and turkey every year.

5.  Parent stock rearing units.


Parent stock rearing units have been established at Kavaratti, Amini, Minicoy ,Androth  and Agatti in order to meet the requirement of chicks to the farmer community for both layer and broiler chicks. 


6. Diversification of poultry.


 Establishment of parent stock unit of Quail and Turkey at Kavaratti.


7. Feed Supply.


 Regular supply of poultry feed will be ensured through out the year and sufficient quantity of cattle/goat feeds distributed to the farming community through Panchayath.


8.  Duck breeding farm.


Proposes to establish one duck-breeding farm with the objective of distributing quality breeding ducks to the interested farmers from island itself instead of procuring from mainland.  

9. Farmers training and tour.


      This programme is mainly for imparting training and extension education on various activities and latest technical know how in the field of Animal Husbandry.


10.Veterinary Health Service.


Free veterinary health service will be extended to the farmers at their doorstep.


11.Disease diagnostic laboratories.

  To set up Disease diagnostic laboratories/ Disease Information unit at major islands.


12.Central Veterinary Store.

           To establish Veterinary Medical Store at Kavaratti/Kochi to ensure buffer stock of emergency medicine.


13.  Disease free Territory.

         Massive vaccination and quarantine programme are envisaged against dreadful disease to declare the territory “A Disease Free Zone”.


14. Slaughterhouse

         To establish slaughterhouse at major islands to ensure supply hygienic meat from single window.


16. Conversion of tuna waste for poultry feeds


It is proposed to study the feasibility of conversion of tuna waste as fish meal for incorporating in the poultry feed so as to reduce the cost of feeds.  The feasibility study will be undertaken by Kerala Agricultural University. 


17. Mobile Veterinary unit.


       It is proposed to establish Mobile Veterinary Units in all major islands with the intention to make available the required veterinary aids at doorsteps of farmers.


18. Veterinary sub center.


  To strengthen Animal husbandry activities at Minicoy with help of Village Dweep Panchayath, it is proposed to establish one Sub Center at Minicoy where there is no Sub Center at present,

19. Setting up of small Milking Cow unit.    

With the objective to create employment opportunities among the unemployed youths and to maintain present level of milk production in the islands, it is proposed to setup 25 small calf units through various village Dweep Panchayath.  


20. Setting up of small Breeding goat units


      With the aim to create employment opportunities among the unemployed women folk and to popularize goat milk among the local inhabitants in consideration to its medicinal value it is proposes to setup small goat units in the islands through various Panchayaths.


21. Award to the best farmers


Award will be given to the best farmers those who are in the field of poultry and cattle farming.  This award has been proposes to encourage and motivate more number of small and marginal farmers in the field of Animal Husbandry sector.


22. Feed factory.


      Proposes to establish Mini Feed Factory at Kavaratti by utilizing the locally available raw materials like tuna waste, coconut cake etc.


23. Lakshadweep Bird Park.


       To preserve local desi varieties as well as to familiarize other ornamental and exotic breeds to  school children ,it is proposed to  establish  a Bird Park at Kavaratti.


24. Marketing units.


Establishment of Marketing units for various Animal husbandry products with the help of different Panchayathi Raj Institutions.


      All the above developmental schemes/programmes are farmer oriented and implementing through Panchayath.  The value added products are produced and marketed by progressive local farmers.  The departmental functionaries are just facilitating as a caretaker, so as to make available the required inputs like feed, chicks, medicines and vaccines etc. to the needy farmers as per demands.