Statutory Provisions


 Animal welfare activities.


      For the promotion of animal welfare generally for the purpose of protecting animals from being subjected to unnecessary pain or suffering in particular.  This activity is sensitizes people at large towards the need for compassion and benevolence towards domestic and wildlife.  Department has established Animal Welfare board, society for prevention of cruelty to Animals under the PCA Act 59 of 1960 apart from the State Animal Disease Emergency Committee.  This Committee and Board are functioning under the chairman ship of Secretary (Animal Husbandry), U.T. of Lakshadweep.




Lakshadweep State Veterinary Council  


      The Lakshadweep State Veterinary Council has been constituted on 01.11.1988 under Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 to regulate Veterinary practice, maintenance of registers of persons qualified to engage in Veterinary practice for the whole of Lakshadweep, maintenance of standards of Veterinary education and other connected matters.  Assistant Director (Poultry) is the Registrar of Lakshadweep State Veterinary Council.  Total 20 Veterinarians are registered with Lakshadweep State Veterinary Council.