Frequently asked questions.


1.         Types of animals available in Lakshadweep?

a)    Caprine, b) Bovine, c) Feline.

2.         Thrust area of development?

Poultry Development

3.         Main Breeds

a)    Animals


Jersey crossbred, HF crossbred, Brown Swiss crossbred

                                b) Poultry


                                          White lagoon, RIR, Giriraja, Kalinga, Vancob, Anek 2000,

                   Hub chicks.


4.         Prevailing diseases.

         a). Poultry.

                  Ranikhet, Pullorum, Coryza, Pox, Coccidiosis.

         b). Cattle.

                  FMD, Mastitis, Pneumonia.

        c).  Goat.

                  Foot root, Tetanus, Mastitis.


5.         Major Centrally sponsored scheme.


NPRE, FMD, Strengthening of Animal Husbandry Statistics for the estimation of Major livestock products, Control of Animal Diseases.