In the absence of a separate department or even a Civil Supplies Corporation in Lakshadweep, the department of Cooperation is not only entrusted with the task of development and management of Cooperative Societies, but also to shoulder the responsibilities of an efficient Public Distribution System in Lakshadweep.

The PDS is channellised through a net work of Cooperative Societies in Lakshadweep. The Lakshadweep Cooperative Marketing Federation has been designated as the whole sale agent of the Lakshadweep Administration for the procurement, transportation and the Co-operative Supply & Marketing Societies in each island has been designated as the Retail Agent of the Administration for the distribution  of essential commodities.

Considering the peculiar geographical situations, the Govt. of India has been allotting 3750 tonnes of rice ( 3250 MT for APL and 500 MT for BPL) and 500 MT wheat on an yearly basis and 712 tonnes of Sugar on half yearly basis and 73 MTs of Kerosene oil on monthly basis. However we have requested Ministry to allocate Kerosene Oil on yearly basis. This system of allotment is found to be most suitable to these islands, as nothing can be transshipped and off loaded in these islands for six months from May to October during which south west monsoon lashes these islands vigorously. Based on these allotment PDS items are being lifted from Central Agencies like FCI, IOC at Kochi, Calicut and Mangalore for transshipment to these islands. Sugar is being lifted from Food Corporation of India depot Kochi, Kerosene oil is being lifted from Indian Oil Corporation Calicut and Mangalore

The Registrar of Cooperative Societies has been declared as the Chief Civil Supplies Officer who over sees all the arrangements right from allotment, to lifting and distribution of Public Distribution Systems items throughout this Union Territory. The Sub Divisional Officers working in each of the islands have been declared as Civil Supplies Authority in respective of the particular island. There is one Vigilance Cum Advisory Committee in each island for monitoring the working of Public Distribution System. It is to be pointed out that right from allotment till Public Distribution System items reaches the common man, all the functions are being watched closely and monitored by the Administration, which has given no room for any complaint from any quarter.

Co-operative Societies at a glance

S.No Name of Society Sales/Loans issued (in Lakhs) Of which Ration Commodities (in Lakhs) Govt. Loan Outstanding (in Lakhs) No. of Employees
Staff  Labourers
1 LCMF 929.52 357.57 1638.9 24 -
2 ICS & MS 997.03 489.66 59.75 131 29
3 GECS&C 78.46 - 5.62 14 -
4 SCS 113.13 - 71.05 13 -
5 LCCS 6.03 - 5.87 1 -
6 IND.CS 0.78 - 0.50 - 17
7 FCS 4.68 - 36.69 2 1
8 WTCS - - 1.18 - -
  Total 2129.63 847.23 1819.56 185 47

Scale and Price of Issue of Ration Commodities

Name of Commodity Scale of issue Retail issue price
Rice 12 Kg/ Adult/month Rs.8.80/Kg
6 Kg/ Child/month
Rice (BPL) 35 Kg/month/family Rs.6.15/Kg
Rice (AAY) 35 Kg/month/family Rs.3.00/Kg
Wheat No limit Rs.6.60/Kg
Sugar 1 Kg/head/month Rs.13.50/Kg
Kerosene Oil 5 litres/Card Rs.11.50/litre


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