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Applications received for allotment of Boats/ Engines etc. in the Fisheries Unit Office working under Village (Dweep) Panchayat in Islands


Sl.No.           Subject                                                                 Time Schedule

    1.                  2.                                                                                 3.

 1.  Receipt of Applications from Local Fishermen         15   days   after   due  date  from receipt

       for   allotment    of   mechanized   boats under          of applications. (For conducting Tests

       Hire   Purchase   system   in    the   prescribed          of    eligibility    as    per      the    format

       application form.                                                             Given     under    and     forwarding    to                                                                                                   Directorate)                    



    Applications received as above is subjected to a test of eligibility of the applicants  as per the prescribed format as under:


1.         The point of time of receipts of the applications treating the one received earlier as entitled 

            to priority over that which was received later.


2.         The comparative experience of the applicants in each island of the applications in fishing, 

            soundness of health, training in mechanized fishing.


3.         Honesty and Integrity and willingness for repayment of loan.


4.         If the applicant owes amount to the Administration and if so in what accounts and if such

            amounts are in default.


5.         If the applicant owns or holds a fishing boat (No applicant shall be eligible for allotment)

    on the date of application.


6.         If the applicant is an ex-serviceman with health and aptitude in fishing.


7.         If the applicant is criminal who has been convicted and sentenced to undergo imprisonment

            for an offence involving moral turpitude.


8.         If the applicant has been concerned in or connected with anti-Government affairs or activities

            of an objectionable type or character.


9.         If the applicant is dependant on fishing for a livelihood.




Sl.No.           Subject                                                                 Time Schedule

  1.                  2.                                                                                 3.

II.        Applications received for allotment of inboard         10 days for making enquiry on eligibility and

            engines in the prescribed   application forms.          forwarding to Directorate. 



 Annexure - C


Applications received for allotment of boats/ engines, Outboard Motors in the

Directorate of Fisheries forwarded by unit offices in the island


Sl.No.           Subject                                                                 Time Schedule

    1.                  2.                                                                                 3.

I.          Application for allotment of mechanized boats          45 days for completion of the process as

            forwarded to Directorate by the Unit offices in          as given Under Column 2.



            In the Directorate,  the applications so received

           are tabulated island wise  as per    recommendat-

           ions made by the unit offices.  Then the meeting 

           of the Boat allotment   Committee   is  convened,

           the    applications    received   and   tabulated are

           presented to the Committee,  the committee after

           careful examination  make  selections  and recom-

           mendations for allotment of boat.  The select list

           made by the committee with recommendations is    

           submitted to    the    Administrator   for approval. 

           After the approval, the allotment order is issued.



II.         Applications for allotment of Inboard engines/          10    day  for  processing  the  applications

             Out  Board Motors.                                                          and issuing allotment order.                                                                                                

             The   Director    of   Fisheries on    receipt of the

             applications together with material papers if any 

             have due regard to all similar    pending applicat-

             ions and taking in to account of the recommend-

             ations made  by  the unit office make appropriate

             allotment and issues allotment order.




  Annexure - D


Applications on miscellaneous matters received in the units office working under

Village (Dweep) Panchayat/ Fisheries units in islands


Sl.No.           Subject                                                                                                  Time Schedule

  1.                  2.                                                                                                                      3.

 I.          Applications on various matters related to fishing and allied activities.

 a)         Application for supply of timber for repair of                   

              fishing boat.                                                                       10 days


              The  genuiness    of   the   request  is verified by

              conducting an inspection of  the boat and repair

              pointed out by the applicant for the  assessment

              of the actual quantity required and forwarded the

              applications to the Directorate with Recommend-




b)         Applications   for   the   repair   of  the engines of

             fishing   boats    in    the    marine  workshops    in             

     islands.                                                                                   1 to 15 days


        i.   Minor repair.                                                                          1 day


ii.  Major   repair   involves    dismantling,   cleaning

     reassembling of the engines                                               7 days


iii  Applications for turning and Lathe works in the

     workshops.                                                                            2 days.


c)         Applications on other miscellaneous matter.                   5 days for processing &

                                                                                                                 forwarding to Directorate                                                                                                                                                                         

 d)       Supply  of    Spare   parts,   Fishery   requisites,

           Boat Building materials etc.                                                  On all working days


e)         Supply of HSD and Lub oil                                                  On alternative days.



Annexure - E



Applications received in the Directorate on Miscellaneous matters forwarded by unit offices

Sl.No.           Subject                                                                                                  Time Schedule

    1.                  2.                                                                                                                    3.

a)                 Applications     for   the    supply   of timber

                    forwarded by unit offices                                             : 5 days for processing and issuing



b)                  Applications on other miscellaneous matters

                      related to fishing and Fishing industry.                   : 10 days for processing and sending