Categorisation of Coastal Areas

Coastal Regulation Zone I

Coastal Regulation Zone IV

Prohibited Activities

Restricted Activities within CRZ



Extra Ordinary


Vol. XXXIII. No. 40. FRIl)AY, 22nd AUGUST, 1997/Ist BHADRA, 1919 (SAKA)





(Department of Science, Technology & Environment)

Kavaratti Island,

dated 20-11-96.






F.No. 10/3/90-ST&E  Whereas  the  Lakshadweep Administration prepared and submitted the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) identifying and classifying the Coastal Regulation Zone  (CRZ)  areas  for Lakshadweep  in accordance with the guidelines given in Annexure - I & II of the CRZ, Notification 1991  as amended in 1994 and notified under Section 3(1) and Section 3(2) ~ of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 and rules 5(3Xd) of Environment Protection Rules 1986, Declaring Coastal Stretches as Coastal  Regulation Zone and Regulating Activities in the CRZ. The submitted CZMP for Lakshadweep has been approved with certain modification by the Central Government vide their letter No. 5-1901 1/16191- IA-III dated 27th September, 1996 in accordance with the powers vested under section 3(3) (i) of CRZ  Notification, dated 1 9-2-9 1 .

In exercise of the powers conferred under section 3(3)(i) and 3(3Xii) of CRZ Notification dated 1 9-2- 1 99 1 the following Coastal Area Classification and Development Regulations is notified in respect of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep:

 (a) Categorization of Coastal Areas

   (b) CRZ I,

            No new construction shall be permitted within the CRZ- I However in those uninhabited islands which are classified as area.

CRZ- I, continuation of existing traditional rights, special rights and customary uses are allowed.                                        GO TOP

The following areas are categorized as CRZ-I

1.  Pitti, the Bird Sanctuary.

2,  Mangrove area of Minicoy Island at its South Western end.

3.  Perumal par reef and lagoon.

4.   Cheriyapani reef and lagoon.

5.   Valiyapani reef and lagoon.

6.  All coral reef that may emerge in future.

7.  Kodithala islet (of Kalpeni Island).

8.  Thilakkam isletI (of Kalpeni Island).

9.  Thilakkam isletII (of Kalpeni Island).

10. Thilakkam islet III (ofKalpeni Island).

 Il. pitti islet I(of Kalpeni Island).

12. Parali I(ofRangaram Group).

13. Parali II (ofBangaram Group).

14. Kalpitti islet (ofAgatti Island),

15. Viringili(ofMinicoy Island).

16. SuhaliValiyakara

17. The coral reefs surrounding all the Islands comprised in the UnionTerritory of Lakshadweep.

18, All sand dunes.

(ii)                CRZ- IV 

Coastal stretches in the Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep and small islands xcept those designated as CRZ-I,CRZ-II or CRZ-III.   GO TOP

The following islands are categorised as CRZ-IV. The width of the 'No  Development Zone' (NDZ) in these islands shall be as specified below: 

1.     Andrott Island :

Uniformly 50 metres from High Tide Line (HTL).

2.     Amini Island:

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL.

3.     Kavaratti Island :

        Uniformly 50 metres fiom HTL.

4.       Kalpeni Island:

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL.

5        Agatti Island:

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL.

6.       Minicov Island:

(i) 20 metres from HTL, on the non-lagoon side or

smaller lagoon side.

(ii) 50 metres fiom High Tide Line (HTL) for rest of the area.

7.       Kadmat Island :

(i) 20 metres from HTL on the non-lagoon side or

smaller lagoon side.

(ii) 50 metres from the HTL for rest of the area.

8.        Kiltan Island :

(i) 20 metres from the HTL on the non-lagoon side or

smaller lagoon side.

(ii) 50 metres from the HTL for rest of the area

9.     Chetlat Island :

(i) 20 metres from the HTL on the non-lagoon side or

smaller lagoon side.

(ii) 50 metres from the HTL for rest of the area.

10.   Bitra Island:

(i) 20 metres from the HTL on the non-lagoon side or

smaller lagoon side.

(ii) 20 metres from the HTL for rest of the area.

11.   Cherivam Island:

Uniformly 50 metres ·from HTL.

12.   Thinnakara Island :

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL. 

13.   Suhali Cherivakara Island:

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL.

14.  Bangaram Island:

Uniformly 50 metres from HTL.


b) Prohibited Activities:

The following activities are declared as prohibited within the Coastal Regulation Zone namely:

(i)                  Setting up of new industries and expansion of existing industries, except those directly related to water front or directly needing foreshore facilities;

(ii)             Manufacture or handling or storage or disposal of hazardous substances as specified in the Notifications of the Government of India in the Ministry of Environment & Forest, No. S.O. 594 (E) dated 28th July, 1989, S.O. 966(E) dated 27th November, 1989 and GSR 1037 (E) dated 5th December, 1989;

(iii)            Setting up and expansion of fish processing on units including warehousing (excluding hatchery and natural fish drying in permitted areas); 

(iv)   Setting up and expansion of units mechanisms for disposal of waste and effluents, except facilities required for discharging treated effluents into the water course with approval under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974; and except for storm water drains;

(v)      Discharge of untreated wastes and effluents from industries, cities or towns and other human settlements;

(vi)    Dumping of city or town waste for the purposes of land filling or          otherwise;

(vii)             dumping of ash or any wastes from thermal power stations;

(viii)  land reclamation, bunding or disturbing the natural course of sea water with similar obstructions, except those required for control of coastal erosion and maintenance or clearing of water ways, channels and ports ' and for prevention of sandbars and also except for tidal regulators, storm water drains and structures for prevention of salinity ingress and for sweet water recharge;

(ix)     mining of sands, rocks and other substrata materials, except those rare minerals not   available out side the CRZ areas;

(x)    harvesting of drawal of ground water and construction of mechanisms therefore within 200 m of HTL; in the 200 m to 500 m zone it shall be permitted only when done manually through ordinary wells for drinking, horticulture, agriculture and fisheries;

(xi)    construction activities in ecologically sensitive areas as specified in Annexure-I of the Notification dated 1 9-02- 1 99 1 ;

(xii)  any construction activity between Low Tide Line and High Tide Line except facilities for carrying treated effluents and waste water discharges into the sea, facilities for carrying sea water for cooling purposes, oil, gas and similar pipelines and facilities essential for activities permitted under the Notification dated 19-02-1991;

xiii)  dressing or altering of sand dunes, hills, natural features including landscape changes for beautification, recreational and other such purpose, except as permissible under Notification 19-02-1991 ;

c)    Restricted activities within the CRZIV  

The following activities shall be regulated in accordance with the manner laid down below:                                                GO TOP

1.    New buildings or extension of the existing buildings shall not be permitted; within the No Development Zone.

2.   No new jetties shall be built in the lagoon with out the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Should exceptional circumstances make it necessary to widen or lengthen any jetty in the lagoon, prior approval of Ministry of Environment & Forests shall be taken through the Department of Environment of Lakshadweep Administration.

3.  The design and construction of buildings shall be consistant with the surrounding landscape and local architectural style and in conson8nce with the building Bye Laws being formulated by the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Administration.

4.    Coral stones, shingles/boulders and sand from the beaches and coastal waters are not allowed to be removed or disturbed. (The collection of corals is allowed for scientific studies/for museum specimens with specific permission from the competent authority).

Note: Till such time an alternate building material is available, collection of shingles from the beach in regulated manner is allowed with specific permission from the competent authority of Lakshadweep Administration.

5.          No new ship repair facilities shall be allowed in the lagoons.

6.          No blasting would be permitted in and around the lagoon except dredging of those  

        existing navigation channels which have already been approved         by the Ministry of     

        Environment & Forest.

7.          Capital dredging will not be permitted in and around the lagoons and coral  formations.

8.          Under-water blasting in and around the lagoons and coral formations shall not be permitted.

9.          In the CRZ areas where the NDZ has been reduced from 50 metres to 20 metres construction for non -residential use in this zone is not permitted.

10.  Dredged material will not be disposed within the CRZ area.

d)        This notification is extended to the whole of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. 

        This will come into force with immediate effect.



Rajeev Talwar