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1. Environment Protection & Awareness
i) Environment Awareness Programmes
ii) Seashore Plantation
iii) Cleaning Programmes
2. Scientific Management of Bio-degradable and Non bio-degradable wastes
3. Corals Wildlife and Lagoon conservation

  1. Environment Protection & Awareness

(i)     Environment Awareness Programmes: - Lakshadweep group of islands has a very fragile ecosystem. Therefore, awareness about maintaining clean environment, conservation of biodiversity, wildlife, prevention of pollutions, preservation of ozone layer, etc. are being conducted among the students, youths, women, NGOs and general public to educate and inculcate eco friendly life style. Programmes like seminars, meetings, group discussions, workshops and various competitions are being conducted on the occasions of International Biological Diversity Day, World Environment Day, International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer, Wild Life Week, National Environment Month, etc. to create environmental awareness.

(ii)    Sea Shore Plantation: - The Department is undertaking coastal area plantation in the islands with an objective to prevent soil erosion.

(iii)  Cleaning Programme: -Cleanliness is the main objective for an eco-friendly  lifestyle. Every year massive cleaning programmes are conducted in all islands with the cooperation of the local people and Panchayati Raj Institutions.                                         GO TOP

2.Scientific Management of Biodegradable & Non Biodegradable Wastes

      Waste generation being one of the crucial consequences of human life, requires special attention in these islands. Because of the porous nature of the soil and also due to the higher water level there is ample chance of ground water pollution on account of accumulation of large quantities of non-biodegradable wastes. Therefore, the department had formulated a scheme for Scientific Management of Biodegradable & Non Biodegradable Wastes under which the wastes of non-biodegradable nature are collected and disposed at mainland. Now the scheme is implemented through the Village (Dweep) Panchayats.

3.Corals, Wildlife and Lagoon Conservation

                  Coral reefs are the most productive eco-systems in the world.  The growth of corals and its existence in its virgin greatly depends on the unpolluted lagoons.  The islanders depend on these resources for their livelihood.  The corals and a number of species in the lagoon are included in the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.  Therefore, proper management of coral reefs, lagoons and wild life have been given priority.  

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