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Lakshadweep is a group of coral islands with a fragile ecology.  The islands have been formed due to the growth of corals for thousands and thousands of years.  Any ecological imbalance in these tiny islands would lead to disaster.  The people of these islands till recent times have been living a rustic life.  The word pollution was not heard of then.  But with the increased interaction with the mainland and the developments that took place, lead them to adopt a more modern life, which invariably has its own drawbacks. 

Educating the islanders on the delicate ecology of the islands is essential without which it may lead to catastrophic consequences.   This Department ever since its establishment has been striving to preserve the ecology and educate the populace through different schemes like Environment Protection and Awareness, Scientific Management of Bio-degradable and Non bio-degradable wastes and Corals, Wildlife & Lagoon Conservation.  


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