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Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep
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The extraction of fibre is from dry coconut husk through mechanical decortications. Brown fibre is again converted into curled fibre, which is a value added product and thinner variety of coir yarn.

In the Coir Production Centers, the services of local ladies are used to produce thinner variety of Coir Yarn.  All the workers in the Coir Production Centers have been trained under the Mahila coir Yojana Scheme of the Coir Board for producing coir yarn on Motorized Ratts. Coir History


Industries which do not require huge quantity of water, power and which do not pollute the lagoons and soil are best suited to these tiny islands.


A full fledged handicraft production cum training centre is functioning under the department with a strength of  three staff and three workers. Annually ten to fifteen local youths were trained in the centre for one year after completion, they were encouraged to set up their own units.