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Administration of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep
The Department
Administrative set up
Sector wise Details
Forms & Applications
New Initiatives


  • Support entrepreneurs and provide incentives for developing industries in the islands.
  • Identify and select entrepreneurs, develop entrepreneurship qualities in them, link them with viable project, capacity building for project preparation, equip them with managerial skills, organize financial support and provide advisory support.
  • Modernize the fibre factories with innovative technologies, new products, skill development, enhanced production and marketing support.
  • Strengthen Coir Industries with value added products and improved methods of coir spinning, rope making, mats and matting works etc.
  • Support Industrial Cooperative Societies for extending assistance for activities such as coir spinning, handicraft making, and furniture making etc.
  • Organize and set up handicraft training centers and promote craftsmanship.
  • Promote the activities of the Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB)