As per the Sub section(2) of Section 8  of Lakshadweep Panchayats Regulation, 1994 a Panchayat shall consist of such number of seats to be filled by persons chosen by direct election from Territorial Constituencies in the Panchayat area. 

The District Panchayat has 22 directly elected from various territorial constituencies in different islands.  All the Chairpersons (Pradhans) of ten Village (Dweep) Panchayats and the member of the House of People representing the Union Territory are also members.

33% of the seats in the Panchayats are reserved for women.  The District Panchayat has a total number of 8 directly elected lady members and four lady Chairpersons.

      Present functionaries of the District Panchayat:

Mr. U.C.K. Thangal, Kavaratti,
President Cum Chief Counsellor

Ms. Hameedath. M.C., Andrott
Vice President Cum Counsellor

Mr. Buharikoya. K.P., Amini,
Vice President Cum Counsellor

Below is a picture of Dr.K.K. Mohammed Koya,
the First President Cum Chief Counsellor of Lakshadweep District Panchayat:

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