DISTRICT RURAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY is the principal organ at the District level to oversee the implementation of different anti-poverty programmes.  The DRDAs have been visualized as a specialized and professional agency capable of managing the anti-poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development on the one hand and to effectively relate these to the over all effort of poverty eradication in the District.  While The DRDA maintains a separate and independent identity it effectively co-ordine with the Panchayati Raj Institutions.  The DRDA is functioning under the chairmanship of District Panchayat President and function as a facilitating and supporting organisation to the  Panchayat providing necessary executive and technical support in respect of poverty reduction efforts.

A District Rural Development Agency was initially set up for Lakshadweep during the year 1982.   Ever since its inception it has been implementing the anti-poverty programmes of the Central Government in collaboration with the erstwhile Island/Pradesh Council which existed in Lakshadweep prior to the PRI Institutions, and with the Lakshadweep Administration. 

The  President Cum Chief Counsellor, District Panchayat is the Chairman of the governing body of  the DRDA and the Chief Executive Officer is the Executive  Director. 

Following are the major programmes of the DRDA being implemented in Lakshadweep.

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