1.    Contact Officers at Kavaratti

2.     Contact Officers for appeal against action of units

3.     Main functions of the Department


S.No Island Phone (Office) Phone (Residence)
1 Agatti 04894 242261 04894 242262
2 Amini 04897 273231 04897 273229
3 Andrott 04893 232356 04893 232352
4 Chetlat 04897 274241 04897 274245
5 Kadmat 04897 274235 04897 274245
6 Kalpeni 04895 252212 04895 252226
7 Kavaratti 04896 262337 04896 262219
8 Kiltan 04897 272232 04897 272332
9 Minicoy 04892 222278 04892 222279



  Officer at Kavaratti Phone Office Phone residence
1. Port Officer 04896 262018 04896 262024
2 Secretary (Transport) 04896 262256 04896 262348


1.Operation of Passenger Ships

  • 2.Preparation of Voyage Schedules

  • 3.Operation of cargo ships
  • 4.Preparation of Cargo plan
  • 5.Operation of Helicopter
  • 6.Preparation of Helicopter Programme
  • 7.Railway Ticket Booking
  • 8.Issue of Tickets
  • 9.Coordination with  Indian Airlines
  • 10.Maintaining of  Refuelling facilities
  • 11.Embarkation and Disembarkation
  • 12.Providing crafts for loading and unloading
  • 13.Acquisition of ships, contruction of marine crafts and harbour facilities
  • 14.Pre-sea training
  • 15.Search & Rescue
  • 16.Timing for issue of tickets
  • 17.Providing information about movement of ships

    I. Operation of Passenger Ships

    Sl.No Name of Ship Period
    1 M.V.Tipu Sultan Round the year
    2 M.V.Bharat Seema Round the year
    3 M.V.Dweep Setu October to May
    4 M.V.Amindivi August to May
    5 M.V.Minicoy August to May
    6 M.V.Hameedath Bee October to May
    7 M.V.Khadeeja Beevi October to May


    II. Preparation of voyage schedule for passenger ships    - Every year during May

    III. Operation of Cargo Ship  

    Sl.No Vessel Period
    1 M.V.Ubaidulla Round the year
    2 M.V.Tinnakara Round the year
    3 M.V.Laccadives Round the year
    4 M.V.Cheriyam Round the year

    IV. Preparation of Cargo Plan  

             (a) Preparation                                             - Voyage to voyage

             (b) Communication    - One week before the scheduled sailing


    V. Operation of Helicopter   - Round the year 

    VI. Preparation of Helicopter programme    

             (a) Monsoon schedule                                             - May

             (b) Daily schedule                                         - Day today requirements


    VII. Railway ticket booking

     The facilities for issue of railway tickets are available at Kavaratti & Minicoy.

    VIII. Issue of tickets to passengers

             (a) In case of confirmed schedules of ships tickets are issued one month in advance.

             (b) In other cases tickets are issued three days in advance.

             (c) Helicopter tickets are issued on the day of the helicopter schedule.

    IX. Co ordinating the operation of Indian Airlines Flight

             The Department is coordinating the operation of Indian Airlines Flight from Agatti to Kochi/Goa. The Department is providing fuel for the aircraft. Helicopter connectivity is provided from Kavaratti on a daily basis.

    X. Maintaining Refueling facilities for Aircrafts at Kavaratti & Agatti.

             The Department is maintaining approved refueling facilities for aircrafts at Kavaratti & Agatti.

    XI. Providing Embarkation & disembarkation facilities for Passengers

             The arrangements for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers are provided by the department.

    XII. Providing crafts for loading / unloading of cargo

             The necessary crafts for loading/unloading of cargo are provided by the department.

    XIII. Acquisition of ships

             The department is also charged  with the responsibility of acquisition of ships for the territory.  Currently the department is taking action for acquisition of  ships as per the Perspective Plan for shipping requirements till 2015.

    XIV. Construction of Tugs, Boats and Barges

             The Department is also constructing tugs, boats and barges for passenger/cargo movements.

    XV. Providing of Harbour facilities

           Providing of Harbour facilities in the islands including construction/ modification of Jetties. Providing of mooring buoys and channel buoys is also the responsibilities of the department.  These are provided under approved plan schemes.

    XVI. Pre-sea Training

             The department has also taken up the scheme for providing Pre-sea training for educated youth which ultimately leads to getting employment in the marine sector.

    XVII. Search and Rescue

             Arranging for search and rescue of missing MSVs/Boats is also the responsibility of the department.  

    I.  Time of issue of tickets

             1. Ship tickets

      (a) Working days                                 - 1000 to 1200 Hrs. & 1500 to 1700 Hrs.

      (b) Fridays & Hoilidays                         - 0900 to 1130 Hrs.

      2. Railway tickets

      a) Working days                                 - 1000 to 1200 Hrs. & 1500 to 1700 Hrs.

      (b) Fridays & Hoilidays                    - 0900 to 1130 Hrs

      3. Helicopter tickets                        - One hour prior to the departure of flight

    II. Training programs for Rating & Officer

             1. Training in Rating                                       - Once in 4 months

             2. Officers courses                                         - Once in 4 month


             The following are the public utility functions of the Department.

    1.       Providing connectivity by ships

    2.       Railway ticket booking

    3.       Air travel

    4.       Cargo movements

    5.       Providing infrastructure for loading/unloading in the islands

    6.       Arranging training for obtaining CDC

    7.       Search & Rescue operation

    8.       Providing information about movement of vessels

    1. Connectivity by Ship procedure for getting tickets

             a) Go to Port Assistants office in the islands.

             b) Obtain prescribed application form and fill up.

             c) Obtain the ticket in the ship in the class of accommodation for which has applied.

    2. Railway ticket booking

             a) Approach the railway booking counter at the specified time.

             b) Obtain prescribed application form and fill up.

             c) Hand over the application to the computer operator across the counter               and get the ticket.

    3. Air travel

             a) Register the name for the travel in the office of the Port Officer in Kavaratti and in Port Assistant's office in the other islands.

             b) Ascertain   the   position   by   5 PM   on  the day prior to the date of the flight and confirm the position in  the  passenger  list  next day, go to helipad one hour prior to the departure time of helicopter.

             c) Obtain the ticket on the basis of the passenger list prepared by the Port               Officer.

    4. Cargo movement

             a) Ascertain  the  availability  of  the  space  for  loading   cargo  from  the  port office/PAs of the concerned islands/Deputy Director(Supply & Transport) Kochi as the case may be.

             b) Intimate the requirements to the port office/PA/DD(S&T)

             c) Take shipping bill in advance in the case of cargo loading at mainland     ports.

             d) Remit the freight in advance on confirmation about the availability of the space.

             e) Transport the cargo up to the ship and handover the cargo to Tally Clerk onboard.

             f) Obtain acknowledgement for the cargo loaded.

             g) Receive cargo in the islands/mainland on arrival of the ships

    5. Providing infrastructure

             a) Ascertain availability of unloading crafts from the Port officer.

             b) Give requisition in writing. 

             c) After clearance from the Port Officer/PA in the case of other islands remit the hire charges in advance.

             d) Produce the receipt for the hire charges and take the unloading crafts with the towing boats from Pas of the concerned islands.

             e) Hand over the unloading craft back to PA after the completion of the period for which it is hired.

             f) Obtain proper acknowledgement from PA to the affect that the unloading craft has been handed over intact.

    Pre-Sea Training for obtaining CDC

             a) Ascertain the training details from the Port Officer or from Lakshadweep Times as the case may be.

             b) Submit the applications giving complete biodata before the stipulated time.

             c) Ascertain the date of written test or interview from the Port Officer.

             d) Reach Kavaratti or the place of written test/interview in time.

             e) Ascertain the result of the test or interview from the Port Officer. 

             f) Proceed to the place of training as per the instructions received from Port Officer.

    7. Search and Rescue

             a) Inform the Control Tower of the concerned island or the Port Officer directly about the missing of the craft.

              b) Furnish the following details of the craft such as: 

                      i.         Name of the vessel

                      ii.       Port of registry

                      iii.      Tonnage

                      iv.      Number of crew onboard

                      v.       Colour of the craft

                      vi.      Whether it has communication & navigational aids

                      vii.     Make of engine and speed

                      viii.     Date and place of departure and destination

                      ix.      Cargo onboard

                      x.       Availability of water and food 

             c) Immediately on the receipt of the intimation all the ports in Lakshadweep will be alerted

             d) After waiting for reasonable time say 24 hours intimation will be given to Coast Guard/Navy.

    8. Providing information about movement of ships

             Anybody may contact the Port Control Towers in different islands and Mainland Ports whose phone numbers are given below for information about movement of ships/tugs/boats and MSVs near and around those islands.

    PCTs                    Phone No:                           Fax No:

    Kavaratti                262741                          263470

    Androth                 232756                          

    Amini                    273202

    Kadmat                274645

    Kiltan                    272060                           272060

    Kalpeni                  252695

    Minicoy                 222986                          222986

    Chetlat                  276305

    Agatti                    242581

    Kochi                    2669510                        2669510

    Beypore               2416335

    Mangalore           2424130

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