A full-fledged department to look after the transportation activities in the territory was established in 1980.  The Administrator of the Lakshadweep is the apex authority.  Below him are the Secretary Transport and Secretary Civil Aviation.  The Day to day affairs of the Department are looked after by the Port Officer as the Head of the Department.  A Joint Port Officer assist him.  Present Administrator of Lakshadweep is Shri. K.S. Mehra, IAS.  Shri. Sandeep Kumar IAS is the Secretary for Transport and Civil Aviation. Present Port officer is Shri. D. Ali Manikfan, a local Officer under the administration and Shri. V.K. Thripathi, a DANILCS Officer is the Joint Port Officer.  The Chart below explains the organisational hierarchy of the Department of Port in Lakshadweep.

Text Box: Secretary Civil Aviation
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