The Passenger transport to and fro mainland and inter-island have increased enormously during the recent years. These passengers use the ships and vessels owned by the Administration for their journeys.  The fares prescribed for their travel are comparatively very low.  The voyage schedules of Passenger Ships plying between Mainland and the Lakshadweep islands are published yearly. But these Voyages are liable for cancellation, alteration, change at short notice subject to reasons beyond the control of Lakshadweep Administration, such as bad weather. However alternative arrangements are made wherever possible for already committed Tourists Packages.

    Statutory Restrictions for entry by outsiders to the Islands:-

To protect the interests of the general public of Lakshadweep, about 95% of whom are Scheduled Tribes, the Administrator has, with previous approval and in exercise of powers vested under Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands (laws) Regulation, 1965 made the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands (Restriction on Entry and Residence) Rules, 1967.  As per these rules, every person, who is not a native of these islands, shall have to obtain a permit in the Prescribed Form on Application, from the Competent authority, for entering into and residing in these islands.

Exemptions:  Government Officials and Armed Force members, etc. working /visiting these islands and their family members are exempted from this requirement.

Foreigners:    Foreign Tourists having valid Passport and visa for visiting India, can visit as Tourist the islands of Agatti, Kadmat and International Tourist Resort of Bangaram, with permission of Administrator. 

            Foreign Nationals permitted by the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs for official purposes can also visit these islands.

Competent Authority :  Secretary to the Administrator, U.T. of Lakshadweep, Indira Gandhi Road, Wellingdon Island, Kochi-682003 [Phone 0484  -  2668245(Office), 2319664 (Residence)] is the competent Authority for issuing Entry Permit.  He has also been authorised to issue permission to Indian Tourists/Foreign Tourists and Officials as per simplified procedure. 

             Assistant Director, in the Department of Tourism, Goa has also been authorised to issue  permission to persons visiting islands availing Goa-Agatti Flight.  Application forms are available in the site of the revenue Department of the Lakshadweep Administration.

    As per the Laccadive, Minicoy & Amindivi Islands (Protection of Scheduled Tribes) Regulation, 1964, prior sanction of the Administrator has to be obtained for transfer of land of a Scheduled Tribe to a non-Scheduled Tribe person. 

Any Foreign Tourist arriving with the statutory permission in a foreign cruiser is to pay a sum of $15 per head to the administration of UT of Lakshadweep.


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