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 Official responsible for undertaking private printing work
Sl.No Island Address of the Officer Telephone No
1. Kavaratti Manager 262246(O)
Lakshadweep Govt.Press 262429(O)
2. Andrott Sub Divisional Officer/OIC Press 232182(O)
3. Kadmath Sub Divisional Officer/OIC Press 274279(O)
4. Agatti Additional Sub Divisional Officer/OIC Press 242403(O)
5. Minicoy Deputy Collector, Minicoy/OIC Press 222327(O)
Statement of time schedule for the private printing work, Publication of Change of name & issue of Resident & Pensioner's Identity Card
Sl.No       Subject                                         Time Schedule 
1. Private Printing Work Within 3 days(Time will be varied according to the nature of work)
2. Publication of change of name in official Gazette Next Issue of Lakshadweep Gazette(Ordinary-1 Month)
3. Issue of Resident & Pensioner's Identity Card Within 1 month except kavaratti
                            In case the matter is not attended to one can contact: 
1. Shri.V.V.Abdul Rasheed 0489662246 (O)
2. Manager 62429 (O)
3. Lakshadweep Govt.Press 62427 (P)
4. Kavaratti 62014 (R)
                   Official Responsible For Publication of Gazette 
1.           Jurisdiction   Adress Telephone No
2.                  Lakshadweep Shri.V.V.Abdul Rasheed 0489662246 (O)
3. Manager 04869262429
4. Lakshadweep Govt.Press 04896-262014
The Citizen Charter for the Lakshadweep Govt.Press in Lakshadweep                         

Functions related to the public

    • Under taking printing work from public on payment basis
    • Publication of change of Name in the official Gazette Issue of Resident Identity Card Issue of Pensioner's Identity Card

Functions related to the Administration

    • To print and supply the entire printing requirements of this Administration
    • Producing entore note books for the educational institution in island
    • Publication of ordinary and extraordinary Gazette
    • Issue of Official Identity Card
    • Publication of Lakshadweep Times daily from Kavaratti
    • Publication of Lakshadweep(Mahl Version) Times daily from Minicoy

Based Upon the Functions the department has to perform the following Citizen Charter is prepared
1. Under taking Printing Works from Public on Payment Basis

Lakshadweep Govt.Press is under taking printing work from public on payment basis.Now this facility is available at Kavaratti,Andrott,Kadmath,Minicoy ,Agatti.The printing charges are calculated on the basis of hourly rate.Present hourly rate is Rs.69/- we will not undertake the controversial nature work. Printing indents from the public will be accepted on the basis of guidelines issued by the Administrator.
Printed materials will be released on receipt of printing charges by means of Challans.
Arrangerments also made for the public to take photocopies from Lakshadweep Govt.Press Kavaratti and Minicoy.
The rate of photocopying is as follows.

1. A4 size photocopying in single side Rs.1 per copy
2. A4 size photocopying in both side Rs.1.50 per copy
3. A3 size colour copy Rs.50 per copy

Publication changing name in the official Gazette

This department has provided arrangement to the public for publication of changing their name in the Lakshadweep Gazette. This is a valid document for changing their names in the important document
(a) How to Apply
Those residence of Lakshadweep who wish to make changes in their name or speling of the name for any valid reason can hansforth may request for publication of the proposed changes   in the Lakshadweep Gazette.
For the publication as above, the following documents shall be  required .  
A Bond on  Rs.5/-Stamp paper in affidavit format authenticated by the Notary Advacate of the Lakshadweep
2. An amount of Rs.36/- for 120 words (Minimum)and Rs.3/- for additional 10 words in the ratio for the total words in the affidavit for publication shall be charged .The amount may be remitted by means of challan under 0058 Stationery and printing 200 other press receipts
3. The applicant has to submit the affidavit with requisition letter to cause publication in the Gazette along with remitted challan as mentioed above
The department scrutinised the documents and found fit for publication, the matter has been forwarded to the Gazette Section for Publication .
The above charges does not include the cost of Gazatte and its postage charge.
If the applicant wish to get the copy of Gazette in which the affidavit has been published , he has to be paid the cost of Gazette and its postage charge by means of challan or he may procure the same directly from the press by paying the cost by means of  challan.

How much Time is needed

One receipt of application with documents, the department will be scrutinised documents and then passed to Gazette section for the publication of next issue of ordinary Gazette. The same will be published within one month (minimum time for any publication related to public interest)

No legal responsibility is accepted for the publication of advertisement regarding change of names and other private notification in the Gazette. Person notifying the same will be remain solely responsible for the legal consiquences and also for any other misrepresentation etc.
Issue of Resaident's Identity card:
How to Apply

Submit an application in the prescribed form to the concerned SDO/ASDO/DC in Island alongwith 2 copies of  stamp size colour photographs. Prescribed form and blank ID card an be had from the concerned SDO/ASDO/DC in Island on payment of Rs.10/- The payment may be made by means of Challan under 0058 stationary and Printing 200 other press receipts.
One receipt of Application, the same has forwarded to the Station House Officer for verification.After obtaining the verification report from the Station House Officer , the same is forwarded to the Superintendent of Police for attestation and then laminated by the department and issued to concerned by prrper acknowledgement.
How much Time is needed

The iissue of Identity Card will be done by the department within one month except Kavaratti.
Issue of Pensioner's Identity Card
How to Apply

Remit an Amount of Rs.25/- under 0058 Staionery and Printing 200 other Press receipts and submit the remitted challan to the concerned SDO/ASDO/DC in Island for obtaining the ID card form . The dully filled Identity Card submitted to the concerned Pay & Accounts Officer in the island for attestation and then laminated and issued to the individual
How much Time is needed.
The issue of Identity Card will be done within one month except Kavaratti.