Revenue Administration

The Collector is in charge of the Revenue Administration.  There is one Settlement Officer, two Deputy Collectors eight Block Development Officers/Additional Block Development Officers, one Survey Superintendent, six Asst. Settlement Officers/Tahsildars, nine Revenue Inspectors, nine Deputy Surveyors, nine Amins, nine Gumasthas and nine Chain man for Revenue Administration purpose at the filed level.  This Union Territory of Lakshadweep is treated as one District which has been divided in to four major and five minor sub divisions.  The inhabited island of Bitra comes under Chetlat Sub division. 

The Block Development Officers/ Additional Block Development Officers are also functioning as ex-officio Sub Divisional Officers/Additional Sub Divisional Officers except Minicoy, which is placed under the Deputy Collector Minicoy.

      The Deputy Collector/Additional Block Development Officers are also functioning as Executive Magistrates in their respective jurisdictions.  The Deputy Collector (HQ) attached to the Collectorate Kavaratti is functioning as Land Acquisition Collector under the Land Acquisition Act, Estate Officer and District Registrar under Indian Registration Act.  One post of Block Development Officer is also attached to the Collectorate who is functioning as Drawing and Disbursing Officer for Collectorate.


  Revenue  Administration 


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