NewDisposal of Old/Used Batteries [LDCL/DISPOSAL/BATTERIES/2017-18]
NewEngaging of an IRDA Approved Surveyor/Elevator for Hameedath Bee/ Kadeeja Bee [LDCL/SHIP/DECM/2017-18/]
OldBulk sale of Coconut Oil [T.No:LDCL/Mktg/B/2018] (Expired)
OldBulk sale of Desiccated Coconut Powder [LDCL/Mktg/B/2018] (Expired)
OldP&I Insurance [LDCL/SHIP/P&I/2018] (Expired)
OldEngaging of an IRDA Approved Surveyor/Evaluator [TNoLDCL/SHIP/DECM/2017-18] (Expired)
OldSUPPLY OF BOILER SUIT [AM/T/CREW/003/17-18] (Expired)
OldEngagement of IRDA Approved Surveyor/Evaluator [T.No.LDCL/SHIP/DECM/2017-18] (Expired)
OldH&M Insurance 25 vessels [T.No.LDCL/Ship/H&M/INS/2017] (Expired)
OldHull and Machinery Insurance- Corals [LDCL/SHIP/H&M/INS /2017] (Expired)



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